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Solitary Sword Sovereign


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What is Solitary Sword Sovereign

Solitary Sword Sovereign is a popular web novel written by the author theonionjunktion, covering SYSTEM, REINCARNATION, XUANHUAN, MULTIVERSE, COMPLEX CULTIVATION SYSTEM, MODERN, WAR, FACE-SLAPPING, ACTION-ADVENTURE, SPIRITYAWARDSSPRING2020, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 1.6M readers with an average rating of 4.35/5 and 69 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 154 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


_________________________________________________________________________ One day, every human on earth was given a class and gained abilities. People gained levels and stats; like strength and agility. Will Chamberlain; a 16-year-old, was given the class Water Meister. He had the ability to freely control water. An ability that had more than meets the eye. At the same time, mysterious structures called dungeons showed up all around the world. Demons escaped from them and attacked mankind. Those who conquered these dungeons were rewarded with power beyond their wildest dreams. This was not easy as they were filled with many dangers. Will decided to enter a dungeon. His power...water His weapon...a katana His true aim...immortality His key....walking the martial path His destiny.... to conquer the Dao of the sword! Join Will as he fights to build his own empire, in a world plagued with demons, dungeons, and many more mysterious forces. "I am not controlled by the system, it shall be controlled by me. I will be a Sovereign!" ... WARNING : Not for the faint of heart. This is post-apocalyptic. Assume that horrible things will happen from the get go and you will have a lovely time. If you read this thinking its wish fulfilment you will not enjoy it. People die, nasty stuff happens, things get real. Enjoy! .... My second story, I hope you enjoy it! Copyright owned by theonionjunktion Comic available at http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/the-solitary-sword-sovereign/list?title_no=84351

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Author here, i put this here on hiatus preparing more chaps and planning the story but now ima go full throttle hehe. Hope you enjoy my work!


N-NANI IS THIS WHAT I THINK IT IS THE SAME ONE FROM WATTPAD ALL THOSE YEARS AGO?!!? HOW DID IT END UP HERE !?! Ahem... anyway sorry for the caps I’m just really shocked I loved this novel back then all those years ago and I was also excited for the webcomic on webtoon which was canceled pretty fast so it being here is shocking definitely gonna pick it up again it’s an amazing novel guys definitely should be read🔥


I remember reading Titan's Throne by the same author on Wattpad so i started this one. Anyways, this has a much slower and confusing start but after a few chapters it really starts to shine, especially the character interactions and the lighthearted parts which are 10/10 Unfortunately, after chapter 70 the author tried to be super edgy quite randomly which i wanted to remove points for but seems like it was changed? Either way i hope the author realizes that the people reading this don't suddenly want a Goblin Slayer type story out the blue and if it is that kinda story i hope he telegraphs it better. I still have a lot of faith for this though because it's quite a fresh and interesting read and i hope it continues that way


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I read this novel till chapter 78. At the start I really liked the story. It was kinda slow and there were a lot of explanations, but still the story was nice. It was the growth phase of the mc. The early chapters after his training were still ok, till the author butchered the story with a couple of chapters. The training he as the best genius recieved is useless and he is suddenly from hero to zero. I would say dont read it or dropp it by chapter 70.


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This Sovereign is in a good mood so i gave thee fivestars, Be grateful mongrel


Acc hate where this has gone... at the start it was all choppy jumping back and forth. Nothing to link up the chapters. Stayed cause thought the idea was interesting and did some what smooth out. However you get to chapter 70 it all goes to sht. Suddenly everything he has learned has gone and it's all bout levels... what happened to all that he has learned? Based on what the author has written the levels where a quick way to gain power but lead to weak foundation less quality in their power. This is why the mc could take out people with massive cultivation over him. Suddenly none of that matters anymore ? All of it was fluffed up bs and now he is weak af. Also what the author has said about the mc levels make no sense, at the start he went to level 3 because he cultivated and didn't kill a monster. He levelled but this lead to a weak foundation so he focused on that to make it stronger. Your telling me he didn't cultivate in them 5 years and stayed at the same level ? Even then, how are the top people in his world more powerful than him? They have to break limits to level and because theyre separated they havent broke that limit to get that high level. Even then with the mc who did level you made him not gain as much levels because he was already so strong but when he did get to the higher levels he was beaten by people with weak foundation and a higher level that shouldn't have mattered. Doesn't even make sense how the guy knows letty's identity... with everything you put into ch70+ is just bs you have made up to scrape up a sht plot. EVEN with all these fundamental problems I was still gonna carry on but then you bring alice getting ra** in front of him and he doesnt do anything. Author that is messed up, makes no sense at all once again. I am acc really sad bc I like the idea of the story and the interaction between him and his goddess made me laugh.


Pretty amazing story but the chapter updates are pretty slow. Like any good story though, any amount of chapter is never enough chapters....


World background check Translation quality check Stability of updating you go to improve man Story development check Character design check


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The language and grammar in the novel is extremely uneven but it does get better. What doesn't get better is the storyline and the MC. MC is a very unlikeable in character and actions. Don't want to go into examples but there are plenty. Also, the storyline follows your Dragonball power system. MC gets strong, beats the **** out of enemies and all of a sudden someone with Power Level 20,000 comes out when MC is at say 5,000. MC was sequestered for 5 years undergoing crazy training. He was the first user with best class... and there are bunch of people who got much stronger, much faster in that same time frame. Meh. There are many more annoying things about the novel. It's just not worth the time to read through it.


The character development is fantastic giving a feeling of realism and connection to them. The world building has many intricate elements to it and it all fits in nicely making sense and holding relativity. This novel is amazing, i only wish the updates where more consistent so I could read more.


I great story that mixes a video game concept together with Eastern fantasy. The world is well portrayed and it is peeled layer by layer. There is a lot of information around the system and abilities. The fight scenes are some of the best ever written, the words just pop write into your imagination. Pity that the story is still quite short. Once you start you just can't stop


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It seems to be a very entertaining and interesting story from what I can get of it from the summary. I will for sure read it so keep the chapters rolling on in. I’ll give it the high rating for now but I’m sure it can only get better the longer I read. 🥰🥰🥰


Sometimes the best way to get your blood flowing is by reading a power fantasy that has its own unique qualities. This story is one of those great stories that flows well and is well-paced despite some grammar errors. Well, that and you can also say I’m quite bias since I’m from the same writers group~ Either way, I like Power Fantasy and this fits my taste when I just want to waste my time.




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