So This Is Love? Book

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So This Is Love?


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Athanasia was finally allowed to go to school, even though her father did not want her to. Her father may seem cruel, however, in reality, he had a sweet spot for his beloved daughter. Though he was still uncertain about this. So I told not to worry and if anything happens she will immediately go back home. With a 'tsk' he complied and sent her off with of course her nursemaid (he wanted to send his faithful guard with her. But she was able to make him not do it). Entering the prestigious school of magic she was finding it somewhat hard to get used to the environment. Not being able to make friends on the first day of school. Not even her seat partner, since he was who knows where. _______________ What will happen to Athanasia from here on out? Will she be able to make friends? What dangers lurk around? How will Claude feel about Athanasia being around boys? ____________ Disclaimer: Who made me a princess does not belong to me. It belongs to Plutus and Spoon. I also do not own An abandoned empress, Lucia, or Miss not so sidekick. I do not own any of the pictures. I also have a Wattpad account: https://my.w.tt/38VQPw3Qtbb


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