1 01: Hunting for a God

So let me begin saying that I was a normal boy going to high school and doing homework and stuff but who would have thought that I would die and then woke up to a god standing in front of me


"So that's all so will you help me in achieving this or will you back down if you want you can back out no one is judging you"

I just stared blankly at the God in front of me after what he just told me like bro wtf?, this guy brings me here after I die tells me he needs my help out of nowhere without letting me comprehend what's going on.

"so? hello? you hear me?, will you help me or not come on I don't have all eternity, well I do but nevermind that."

" uh, yes? I guess like I don't understand anything right now like why am I here or why me or something?,"

" why you here? didn't I tell you, your here because you died and as to why you, well let's say your past is kinda interesting that's why."

"huh, so it's because of my past again, well whatever, it's better then hell I guess"

" fantastic ok well according to our angles the guy your after is in a world called Fairy tail since that world has magic you can decide on what type of power can have so tell me? what do you desire?"

oh yeah he did say something about hunting down a fallen angel or something like that though I he kinda sounded a little suspicious but like I said it's better then hell, and Fairy Tail not best but at least good better the being in a crazier one like Attack on Titan or something like that, because for sure I won't be able to survive, and well it's not like I can change it he is a God, not much I can do about it, or fight back. At least I get a cool power, he did say I can have a power which to be honest is something I wish I had In my past live when i was alive and so, I thought to my self what type of power do I want, since he did said it 'anything' I want. I would prefer to get something that helps me in a fight and can become stronger with me, and well I can only think of one thing,

" ok I wish to be sent with the sharingan!"

I say to the God in front of me.

" ok it is possible but since there would be a problem with suddenly a bloodline appearing out of nowhere so I'm going to make some adjustments to the past of this world so that you can fit better in it ok"

Without even thinking I said "ok fine let's just get this over with"

"Ok that the spirit! haha, ok now before you go I'm going to give you a system it won't do much but it will help you a little ok, oh and it's going to be awaken with your memories at the age of 7 and oh yeah since your getting the Uchiha bloodline you won't need chakra to use it or anything l I'll ke that, it can be use with magic so you won't have to worry about how to use it ok, oh and last but not least your also getting it's curse ok, bye good luck out there"

" Wait wha-"

everything went dark for a while I didn't know what was going on until I open my eyes and I was in a unknown room in a bed.

"what hell, what's going o-"

I couldn't finish what I wanted to say because just after I woke up a massive headache started to hit me and a lot of memories that were not mine started to appear. This memories they are from me before I got my memories of my past life and meeting with the God.

'Ok so since I got my memories it means I'm 7 now or should be 7 at least' after going back and looking through my 'New' memories I knew I was 7 and I'm apparently in my room in the house of my new family in this world.

' huh it seems like this family is pretty normal just a average family in a village' I looked through my memories to see if I can find something interesting but no it seem like it really is just a normal family.

[system is starting]

[...downloading files]

[Downloading complete]

[Hello User]

'Wow that startled me a little, ok so you must be the system the God talked about?'

[Yes user I'm the System]

[What should I call you User?]

'oh that's right my name, let's see' I decided to look through me memories to get my name which apparently I'm called Sam, short for Samuel in this world.

'huh good name I like it, ok system you can call me Sam.'

[Ok User I shall now call you 'SAM']

[Hello Sam]

A/N: I'm new in writing fanfiction or novels so you may find some grammar errors or some letters that are missing I am dyslexic so I tend to do that or move letters around by accident so please help me out and telling me were I went worng so I can go back and fix it, Thank you. And probably you guys have a lot of questions like the system or his name or his past or how he died or the God, And I will try to explain it little by little as the story progresses so please hang on while I tell you the story.