Snowflake in the Sea
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Snowflake in the Sea


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What is Snowflake in the Sea

Snowflake in the Sea is a popular web novel written by the author PaigeBStorey, covering DISNEY, FROZEN, ELSA, FAN-FIC, CROSS-OVER, MERMAID, SELKIE, LITTLE MERMAID, ARIEL, CIRCE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 12.1K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 4 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 17 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Princess Elsa becomes the sole survivor of a storm at sea after accompanying her parents on their fateful voyage. Now, stranded alone in the middle of the ocean, Elsa’s only hope of returning home safely to her sister, Anna, is to help a mermaid pursue her dreams of life and love on land. So begins the friendship between a princess of the sea and a princess of the north. (I do not own any of the characters or concepts from Frozen, Little Mermaid, or anything else associated with Disney.)

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One of the best new fanfics on WN! A fantastic "what if" scenario of Elsa traveling on the same ship with her parents, lost at sea, a rescue - and someone who actually cares enough to teach her about her powers. Great stuff!


Such a wonderful way to bring out a fanfiction into being. The writing is super smooth, give it a try. Good for fanfiction readers. ..


I like the way it's written and the thinking is amazing. Some places need focus but that's not a major deal. Will be waiting for updates since I like the plot .it's a nice fanfic though .[img=recommend]


While this is a fanfic, I'm giving 5 stars for the sheer amount of well crafted writing here. The execution of the writing plays out like an actual crossover, and the scenarios are believable. Compared to other fanfics of other famous media, this particular fanfic actually dives back into the lore of the original Frozen and The Little Mermaid. There is still faithfulness to the original material, and it's done well here. There's a tiny bit instances of telling, where showing could have been done, but it's does not affect the overall reading experience. I think the writing is so solid that this might be the basis for a fan animated full length film. I wouldn't surprise if this was the case. For fans of the original source material within this fanfic, this novel might be for you. You're doing a fantastic job at the writing Author. Keep it up. I hope the experience of writing this fanfic will inspire you to make your own original novel one day, and I hope I can read that novel as well.


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