1 The girl who survived

It was a lonely road. A dense forest and lots of bushes on both sides. The whole way was surrounded by darkness and there was silence.

The sound of someone's footsteps was breaking the same silence. A woman was running fast. She was badly injured. His forehead was bleeding. He was wearing a white girdle long churidar over which a white-coloured netted long jacket. The woman had long hair which was waving in the wind. That woman was looking back again and again and running forward.

The woman had put a small child around her neck. The child was probably in a deep sleep. The child was not awake even after that woman had run away.

While running away, the woman landed on a rough road. She was gasping. She started running again and then she stopped outside a temple.

When he looked back, there was no one behind him. She quickly went inside the temple. She went to the verandah of the temple and went straight from there to the back.

There was a house behind it. She knocked on the door of the house loudly. Within moments the door opened.

Seeing a man standing in front, the woman gasped and said, "Poojari.. Poojari ji..."

The priest looked at the woman and said in surprise "Lily... you... you are here more... and what happened... you are so injured.."?

Lily immediately said "I don't have time to say anything, Poojari ji... I have come to ask you for some help... at this time you are the only one who can help me.."!

The priest said "What happened Divya... what help do you need..."

Lily immediately handed over the child to the priest and said "I have come to hand over my baby girl to you..."

The priest said in surprise "Lily..Ye...Ye..."

Lily said " No... now is not the time to say anything. She took out the locket, there was a flame emanating from the glowing fire on that locket. She wore that locket to that girl and then said "Tell my child that her mother has apologized to her..."

Before the priest could say anything, lily suddenly turned around and ran towards the forest again. The priest was immediately shocked.

Lily was running fast towards the forest when suddenly a light fell in front of her. Lily stopped immediately in shock. She was gasping. From that light a man appeared who was wearing a black robe. Even his hands were covered by that robe. Half of his face was also covered by that robe. Only his lips and chin were visible.