Smoke Rising. Book one. Book

novel - Magical Realism

Smoke Rising. Book one.


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Bounty hunter John Smoke never liked the rules. As a result of his overly aggressive- and often illegal- arrest methods, he ended up behind bars. But the Bureau: won't let him be. Place in the able care of beautiful, no nonsense, Sidney Shaw, his new FBI handler, Smoke needs to alter his loose cannon- ways to remain a free man. But there is an unchecked evil festering deep in the heart of the nation's capital. A shadow conspiracy that won't be defeated by conventional means. A vast- network of criminals with the ability to shapeshift into monsters spreading it's supernatural sickness in the fabric of human society. No ordinary mortal can fight the evil. But there is nothing ordinary about John Smoke. Sidney Shaw is about to discover for herself as she follows Smoke's trail into the darkness, most secret corners of Washington D.C. Smoke and Sidney most fight the evil that will stop at nothing to tear them apart while destroying a nation as well.