Smoke And Fire Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Smoke And Fire


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High school student Kaitlyn Howard, has kept her secret all her life until one day she meets Axel Henderson who has the same secret she does, they’re werewolves. Kaitlyn now has to figure out how to live more like a werewolf as she was raised as a normal human all her life. Axel try’s to help her unlock all the things she can do with her wolf but while they’re doing so and getting to know each other better, they come face to face with a witch cove. Axel and Kaitlyn have to learn together about how to protect themselves from all the other super natural beings, do they make it and hide from all the super naturals while trying to live a normal life or, do they end up being captured or killed by the beings they’re being chased from? Add Smoke & Fire to your library and read the chapters that come out every week!