1 Finding Home

How long have I been on this bus. God couldn't they sent me in a coffin probably wasted less then this. Well it doesn't really matter not like I'll stay here for long. If I'm "lucky" I'll only be here for six months. Not so "lucky" two years.

How can adults be? Since young you're always told adults are right and kids got to just shut up and listen. But I don't believe that why should I listen to those who have left me alone. Why should I believe that their is any good leftvin this world. Or maybe their is but I'm just full of bad luck. Doesn't matter anymore. Two more years and I'm out, then and only then will I be free from the curse of adults.

Let's is how this place is any different from the last ten homes I've been to. But why bother hoping for anything good? Only on the first day is their will they act like followers of God and ones I'm alone with my new foster home "family" will they show their true faces.

Just two more years to go. Two more and that's it.

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