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If becoming a high ranking military officer that owns battalions consisting of only female personnel was a bad dream then please dont wake me up. This was the life a lazy 15 years old boy wishes to live, tall slender and fitted body which at first look will give off an impression of an athlete, black hair and red eyes that would make every girl want to be his girlfriend, handsome but still a virgin. at an early age he was bullied in school and had felt unimportant in life ever since then, trauma made him a short-in, even though he was smart and intelligent he only schooled from home until he finally took a step to go for his final year exam which was held live at the college center located at the center of the city. Walking out of the college building where he was studying and had just finishdd his final year exams made his day go way around as he was been called by a strawberry blonde beautiful girl in an all out military uniform of black, red and gold. She was from the DARK DIAMOND FACTION said to be one of the top 5 FACTION in the world that protects the planet from extraterrestrial creatures. Although they are top 5 but they seat at the lowest rank while occupying few territories on the planet. Cursing his fate he stood miles away from her as he was both scared of her and somewhat disappointed at why the lowest rank faction member would want to approach someone like him. Staring at the girl made him question himself..."oh damn she is pretty...b...but what does she want with me?, why does one of the most popular SILVANNA want to speak to me....oh no she is getting too close"


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