1 Chapter one


Grabbing the kitchen knife protruding out of her stomach, Lily Scarlet stared at the person standing over her in fear. Blood poured from her wound relentlessly causing her sight to become blurred. However, the person who killed her... their image was forever engraved into her mind.

Tears fell down her face disrupting her already blurry eyesight. She didn't understand how he could do this. James, her boss, was the first person to acknowledge her talent in cooking. They were childhood bestfriends who worked together to create the top restaurant in the entire world. She supported him in creating his dream for so many years on the premise that one day she could fulfill her own. Even when he refused her countless times when she asked to release her name to the public she thoughtlessly believed that he was doing it for her greater good.

That was until he lied to the world and said he was the secret cook for their restaurant. Until she confronted him about it and asked to leave. Until her 'best friend' heartlessly stabbed her in the stomach. Until he stood over her dying body watching her life drain out... She was the world's biggest idiot.

"Darling why do you look so betrayed?" James's handsome and sinister face carried a twisted smile as he leaned closer and pressed the large kitchen knife deeper inside of her. "You brought this on yourself. All you had to do was shut up and cook while I handled everything else. Everything is my work! How dare you try to take it away from me." When he thought about losing everything, James couldn't help from twisting the knife to make her feel the same pain he does.

"Please... stop..." feeling the knife moving around inside of her, Lily's tears rolled down her face as she tried to weakly fight James from pushing down with the knife. She didn't want to give up, but at the same time she did. The unbearable pain attacking her body and her soul made her want everything to be over with. At that moment between life and death her 23 years of life flashed in front of her eyes.

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Before this incident she had thought that she had an exceptionally good life. Even if she was born as an orphan in the slums, she always had James there to pick her up at her lowest. When those random girls fought her and crippled both of her legs, he was there to patch up her wounds. When the rumor appeared during their first years of business claiming that she was poisoning her customers. He was there to quickly offer the solution of her becoming a ghost cook. He was her knight in shining armor, but looking at him now she realized that all along he was a dragon in disguise. Now that her mind had become clear she recalled that before her legs were crippled she saw those girls hanging out with James and before her reputation was ruined James would request to serve her food himself. She was so blind...

A fool should die a fool's death.

The one person in her entire life who she learned to trust was the one person who should have never been trusted. She brought all of this on herself.

"Hahaha!" A sad laugh escaped her body filled with complete despair followed by a violent cough. Blood dripped from the edges of her mouth as it lifted up into a bloody smile. "You are pathetic." She hissed out with venom at James. She would rather be the fool than be someone who would betray their closest friend for money.

Hearing the condescending words from the woman in front of him, James could no longer contain his rage. He grabbed the knife and ripped it out her body. Blood poured out like a river causing the ground around her to become a pool of blood.

"Whose pathetic now, bitch!" He kicked her stomach over and over again with no response as she had already long died.

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