Slaughter Is My Path
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Slaughter Is My Path


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What is Slaughter Is My Path

Read Slaughter Is My Path novel written by the author ArdaYavuz on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering cultivation, weaktostrong, villain, antihero, highiq. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


An old man had two long swords in his hands and two drops of tears in his eyes. He was walking down in a street that was once dazzling, noisy, and bustling. "I will die before I can seize life and become a true cultivator, the most important thing is my own life, slaughter is the only path for me. The most important thing is my own life, most important thing is my own life... " The old man mumbled before continuing what he was doing. A father who was protecting his child with his body, slashed in half. A little girl who was enjoying her time with her friends in the street, slashed in half. A man who was begging for his life with tears in his eyes, slashed in half. A lady who was in her fifties walking down the street peacefully, slashed in half. The old man stopped and started talking to himself, while slowly raising his voice. "If my talent is shallow and I can't breakthrough, I shall breakthrough by killing ten. If ten kills can't make me breakthrough, I shall kill Ten Thousand. If ten thousand can't make me breakthrough, I shall kill Ten Million !!" He was walking down in a street which was now cold, had the smell of blood, and was silent besides the dark flames that gave an eery noise. An old man said with determination and tears in his eyes while clenching his fist's around his swords and walking down deeper into the street.


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im more for darker mc and i saw the tags and went to have a look must say its actually nice so far its a slow build up but i can see that the author is putting his time into this and I like that so far no problems with grammar and everything seem alright would recommend


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