Skyrim: A Sorcerer's Tale

A bitter old man gets tossed into the world of Tamriel, as a descendant of a religious madman no less, watch as he delves into the secrets of magic and explores the wonders of this danger-filled world, and with luck and a lot of magic juice possibly even beyond. This is my first attempt at writing a fanfic (or anything for that matter). English is not my native language but I think there shouldn't be too many mistakes. The story will focus on magic and exploration with most likely a bit of romance later on. The upload schedule won't be rigid, but expect five chapters a week. If you want to support me financially and get access to early chapters visit patreon.com/Rastislav156

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Chapter XLII: Aftermath

(Reyvin's pov)

As Meridia tries to bribe Sybille into killing me I find myself stuck in a bit of a bind, on the one hand, I don't believe for a second she would kill me for a creature that had already betrayed us, and on the other I am barely keeping myself from laughing out loud at how petty Meridia turned out to be.

Like a child who didn't get the toy she wanted and decided to throw a tantrum.

And the entire time, that supernatural fury still courses through my soul, the very idea of a 'false' deity making demands of me... for some reason, I cannot stand it.

As a shaky Sybille turns my way I simply turn to her with a mocking smile and point at the Daedra, implying that only an idiot would listen to her little tantrum.

It seems as if my companion agrees and she too denounces the treacherous Daedra.

And to think that Mephala has been more true to her word than the self-proclaimed lady of life... Maybe that was Mephala's goal all along? To make sure I remain in her clutches?

As Meridia seethes in anger and curses us, her flames trying to snuff us out, I cannot help but feel satisfied, happy that I dared defy a god, the fury I felt at being looked down upon slowly turning into a victorious ecstasy.

As Meridia's wrath reaches its boiling point, the covenant of Akatosh snaps into action and I return to the safety of the mortal world.

Sybille seems dazed so I take a moment to look over the system prompts I felt in the back of my head.

[Quest complete]

A heavy black tome falls into my right hand, feeling like it was only half-present in my arms.

[The tome of shadows Volume I: An ancient tome written by a renowned Aldmeri Archmage, contains an entirely new subschool of conjuration that deals with traversing the shadows and binding them to your service. This tome is but the first step.]

This could be very powerful, but what really catches my attention is the other prompt.

[Trait awakened: The Wrath of Dagoth: the second part of your blasphemous divine inheritance, whenever a deity, creature of a higher power, or something of a similar nature that you consider to be false attempts to command you against your wishes, or is merely present and a known enemy, you will be assailed by supernatural wrath, on the flip side you now have an easier time resisting their influences and seeing through their manipulations.]

Instead of revulsion at the idea that I might not be in full control at all times, I feel surprisingly satisfied with the notion of being able to defy those who would consider me their playthings... In fact, the notion is so pleasant to my mind that I slowly break out into a deranged cackle, the mix of pain and satisfaction I was feeling overwhelming my self-control for a moment.

And it is exactly at this point that Sybille collects herself and pointedly glares at me.

I calm down and wipe the blood from my face "What?"

She taps her foot on the ground and glares at me "You just cost me a lot, young man." She tries to look angry, but there is no heat behind her words.

I roll my eyes and start walking to the exit "You know damn well that she wasn't going to honor her end of the bargain, the moment you let her power in she would have remade you in her image as a compliant little puppet."

She huffs "I know, I still don't like it."

I shrug "We don't need Meridia to help you out."

"We?" She asks with a mix of amusement and genuine surprise.

I turn to her with a mischievous smile "We already came this far, helping you will be my honest pleasure. Besides I am feeling just a mite bit spiteful and want to show her that we don't even need her for anything."

She swats my shoulder and sighs "It sounded so nice and romantic for a moment there and you just had to ruin it."

I puff out my chest proudly "I am true to my vices, and spiting annoying Daedra just became one of them!"

We step into the previous chamber and find all of those that followed us inside on their asses or on their backs. Ingvar Firebeard's eyes snap to me and he asks "Is it done? Has she been killed for good?"

I nod and smile proudly "Potema Septim will never again walk these lands."

A weak cheer spreads among those still conscious, barely half of them if my hearing is right. I look at Ingvar "Are there any wounded that need treatment?"

He looks at the ground and shakes his head "No, if you got wounded you got dragged down. Those still alive never even got hit."

I face the Thanes "You two doing alright?"

Bryling's face brightens and she nods as excitedly as her exhausted self can "Many have fallen today, but such a worthy death is precisely what a warrior should strive for."

Erikur is not as enthusiastic, as he appears to be nursing what looks to be a string bruise on his finger, likely from drawing his crossbow. "Worthy death" he scoffs "I would much rather live a worthy life."

Instead of getting offended Bryling gives him a 'cheerful' smile "Why not both?"

He seems ready to get into an argument, but realizes just how tired he is and merely rolls his eyes.

"Is everyone ready to leave this damned place?" I ask after we take a breather.

Ingvar looks at all the fallen draugr and guardsmen "We need to deal with the bodies..."

Before I can reply Sybille interjects in an 'I am completely done with today' tone "I have been trudging through caves and guts for the entirety of this accursed day boy, and if I am not back at the tower taking a calming bath within the next hour I might just decide to take it out on someone!"

Ingvar flinches, but much like his father stands defiant in the face of furious women "And what do we do about our fallen comrades?"

Erikur of all people intercedes "Just send some servants under armed guard tomorrow to deal with everything, I am sure that our comrades would prefer it if we didn't all die of exhaustion while dragging them up."

Bryling seems conflicted but is far too tired to disagree with Erikur.

Ingvar takes one final look at the fallen and nods grimly "Very well, I will organize everything once we are back at the palace." He turns to us all and actually bows "I would like to give my thanks to you all in place of my father and the High King, you have all done Solitude and Skyrim a great service today."

"Ingvar" Sybille starts impatiently and he looks at her with worry "Get. Moving. Now."

The son proves to be less courageous than the father as he nods and quickly scurries back toward the surface, followed by a satisfied and smug Sybille.


I find myself sitting on a large armchair in my chambers atop the wizard's tower after a long relaxing bath. My thoughts drift through all that has happened in this short day, and all the consequences that will no doubt follow.

Now that I am no longer on a magical high with literal liters of potions bursting through my veins I feel like I maaay have overreacted a tad, but the truth of the matter is Meridia would never have stopped in her quest to enslave me. Destroying the main path of that plan was the objectively correct choice... still it was a damn good sword.

To hell with her! I will make a better undead destroying weapon on my own, with blackjack and hookers!

My drifting thoughts are interrupted by a drowsy Sybille entering my room, well as drowsy as a vampire can really be I guess, and approaching me. Without a word she plops down sideways on my lap and after staring at me for a while starts tracing her finger across the scar now decorating the left of my face "I see you chose to keep it." she says quietly.

"Not many can say they bear a scar from Queen Potema Septim herself." I say with faux-arrogance "Besides, the ladies will love it!"

She rolls her eyes and leans her head forward, with a purr she whispers "Oh trust me, we do." This sends a shiver across my spine, and she notices if her teasing smile is any indication.

I smile wryly "Sorry if you had any plans, but I am way too tired right now."

She huffs in amusement "I am not some lecherous cougar, maybe I just wish to be held and comforted after a stressful day."

I spread my arms "Then by all means"

Without replying she leans onto me fully and while shivering slightly, slowly drifts off into peaceful slumber. I guess that today shook her more than she had shown previously.

Just as I am about to drift off as well I hear someone dragging something up the stairs, and not long after Davos pokes his head into the chamber while dragging the gagged and unconscious Altmer agent he captured.

As he enters his eyes land on Sybille and myself and he gives me a half lidded stare.

I simply shoo him away with my hands, and with a dead look in his eyes he starts dragging the poor Altmer down into his own room.

It always is a pleasure to annoy one's employees! With those happy thoughts I drift off to dreamless slumber.

Or so I hoped...


I wake up in a replica of my room, with Sybille nowhere to be found, and the iconic spiderwebs of my Daedric patron spreading everywhere.

I sigh deeply and barely incline my head instead of bowing this time "Prince Mephala, how utterly wonderful to be blessed by your presence once again." I say in a completely dead tone.

"I see that your stint with my bright colleague didn't go as expected." Mephala's voice reaches me from atop my bed, and I turn to see her lounging upon it without a care in the world.

I narrow my eyes at her "Or it went exactly as expected."

She clutches her heart as if struck "Reyvin! I would never do something as uncouth as attempting to betray you!"

"Uh huh." I drawl out "That sounds oh so credible coming from you, miss Prince of lies and betrayal."

She spreads her arms "What can I say, I live to impress!"

"Why are you here?" I ask impatiently.

"Tut tut, young man. Is that any way to talk to a lady?"

Holding back an eyeroll and in a tone more dead than Potema say "Please oh grand spider woman of... creepy webyness? would you kindly enlighten me as to the reason of your blessed visit?"

"We will have to workshop that one." She says after a moment and then gives me the brightest smile imaginable "I am here to congratulate you of course! The little drama with Meridia has been one of the most enjoyable things I have seen this kalpa!"

"Uh huh." I nod dumbly. And then realization strikes me, this was her plan all along!

Well played you witch, well played...

I swiftly crush the feeling of anger starting to well up within my soul, no matter how I looked at it I did end up needing the damned sword and the wench knows it.

She practically radiates amusement as she observes my shifting emotions, drinking in my reaction like a fine vintage.

She raises a dainty finger after I finally compose myself "I have come to offer you a reward!"

With a defeated sigh I wave a tired hand as if to say 'please do go on'

Her smile doesn't leave her face "Your little servant, Davos was it? I will offer to him my blessing with the caveat of him remaining loyal to you, what do you think?"

I give her a cautious stare "I want that in 'writing'" I say with airquotes.

She pouts "Too bad I didn't catch you while you were on your little power high like dear Meridia did, very well"

My eye twitches and I feel her offer in the back of my head.

[The Daedric prince Mephala offers to bless your follower Davos, under the caveat that he be loyal to you. This blessing shall persist as long as the blessing granted to Reyvin Dagoth does.]

Reasonable. I nod and mentally affirm my acceptance.

Mephala gets up and gives me one last smile "While I would love to invite you along, I see you have your hands full this time, do enjoy your evening."


My vision swims and I find myself looking into the eyes of a worried Sybille.

"What was going on just now?" She asks slowly.

I just know Mephala is trolling me right now, I sigh "I was talking to my other extraplanar friend."

Sybille narrows her eyes "And which one is that?"

"Don't worry about it"

"Reyvin." She gives me a firm stare.

*Sigh* God dammit Mephala.

*One long curated explanation later*

"So you are telling me..." Sybille stares at me with a mix of bewilderment and exasperation "That this entire time you already had a Daedric patron and that she herself directed you to Meridia?"

I nod.

She sighs "And let us not forget it is Mephala of all Daedra!"

I shrug "To be fair, Dunmer do look at her differently and she does the same in return."

Sybille plops her head down onto my chest "That doesn't make it any better."

"Well excuse me for taking all the help I can get." I huff.

She raises her head again and stares into my eyes "At least tell me you aren't bound to her."

I smile and pat her head, making her swat my hand away, and say "Don't worry, we have a rather loose deal which I can back out of at any moment."

"I can back out at any moment" She quotes me dryly "You sound like a naive thieves guildsman."

She is right... And like any wise man I chose to change the topic "While this is comfortable I think we should move to the bed, I don't want to wake up cramped."

She lets out a childish whine but then spreads her arms "Carry me!"

"You are like a cat I swear." I say with a chuckle and pick her up.


Grant me stones so I might throw them at the Daedra!

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