1 Skye's Dairy

So this is my Story as a Priestess. I been hard at training and that path has been tough. All 3 of my basic spells is now rank 1...The Life as a Priestess have been tough but am growing stronger by each

passing day! Today I had visit a magic school at a small Elven town call Mytheldorei While I was there

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I had spoken to my teacher about spells he had told me of one powerful spell I can Learn call fireball.

But all the pages have been torn out the book. I took the task to get all 10 pages. while I was gathering information on where all the pages is hidden. Now i know where all the pages is

I had took my leave to get the first page that is hidden deep within a dungeon call the cursed tombs. I have made it to the Cursed Tomb....Well this dungeon look like a danger zone I better keep my guard up while am here looking for the page of a torn out book....Why the Pages from this book have been torn out and why?...Is it to stop us from learning powerful spells and getting stronger? No

Matter I will Hunt down all the pages and...who there??.gahh someone is coming after me I gotta burn the rest of this notes. Before the...*part of the notes have been burnt and is unreadable*