2 CHAPTER ONE: Finding/meeting snow!

It was a cold, snowy, winter night.

The stars where shining brightly above and the moon was gleaming.

Sky, a 19 year old girl who had rare white as snow hair and ocean blue eyes, wasn't just an ordinary girl. She Was a werewolf and of Alpha bloodline. She was also the only female her age that hasn't found her mate yet. Although she tries to not let it bother her she couldn't help but wonder "why me?"

Sky was taking her daily walk that she's been doing since she turned 18 last year and hadn't found her mate. It helps her take her mind of it even if its just for a little while.

"fuck its cold tonight" sky shivered. "knew i should have wrapped up warmer before coming out" she scolded herself. She was on her way home when she heard a small "meow". Sky paused for a moment hoping to hear it again.

For some weird reason she felt a pull towards where the noise came from. "Meow", there it was again it was coming from a small box in the snow on the floor next to the bins.

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Sky edged forward carefully and quietly not wanting to startle what's in the box. As she got closer she could see into the box, strangely enough it was a cat but not your typical house pet cat.

"Oh my" Sky gasped her hands flying to her mouth, 'how is this possible' Sky thought. There sat a baby tiger, the strangest part was its fur was all pure white just like sky's rare hair color but just like sky's hair color the pure white fur tiger was also rare, no one had seen one in centuries. They where extinct, or so she thought.

She looked down at the tiny cub And saw it shivering from the cold. "Oh you poor thing" she cried. "Come here, I'll take you somewhere safe and warm". Sky slowly bent down to pick the cub up, but as her hand touched it fur a weird tingling sensation went through her hand. "What the.." Sky gasped she brushed the feeling to the Side.

'Must have been an electric shock or something from her fur' sky thought to herself. She gently brought the cub to her chest cuddling the cub trying to keep it Warm.

Sky has a quick glance to see if the cub was male or female. turns out the cub was a female. "Your a girl, hmm what should i call you?". Sky started to think while carrying on her walk home with the cub in her arms.

"Oh i know, how about snow" Sky smiled down at the cub. "what do you think About the name snow my little cub" Sky asked the she cub who was now looking up at her with a twinkle in her eye. the cub simply made a purring sound. "Ill take it that you like your new New name then snow".

The cub now named snow made a louder purring sound as if to agree. Sky smiled at snow And gave her a kiss on her little white fury head, then snuggled her closer to shield snow from the icy cold window.

"nearly home now snow" Sky sighed out of breath and shivering from the cold. Sky doesn't live with her parents in the packhouse, she moved out after the embarrassment of not finding her mate when she turned 18 last year. Sky couldn't stand the shame and seeing everyones eyes including her parents, judging her saying they knew she was weird and different from the start because of her hair.

Sky lives in the village on the outskirts of the pack house in a one bed house. It wasnt fancy or big but it was perfect for sky. "Here, see we're finally home now snow" Sky said happy to get her and snow out of the cold winter weather, and to see what her new friend thinks of her new home.



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