Sky Fall LegendSky Fall Legend

Sky Fall Legend

by IvoryDragon

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This is the quest of a Trill young Jodye. Eyes bloodshot since the past still hurt him. New life formed, and it's only something like hell, Tragic little Jodye, it just wasn't in his sight well, On the night the sky fell were rivers of blood. The chosen one is frozen by the death of his loves. Death is just a journey when reflection occurs, Everything could vanish in the moment evil is spurred, And for justice to occur, you can't return as you were. Change is fundamental, pain is made to endure. Time is of the essence, our origin is a blessing, Once the truth is unearthed only heaven can protect him, He's a legend. ---- :Warning: This novel contains graphic scenes and content that some may consider traumatizing. Please be advised, and read at your own discretion. A retired meta-human spy has his whole life flipped upside down when a stranger disintegrates him with a magic gun! But before he can blink, he is reborn in a world full of magic, heroes, mighty pharaoh gods, and ancient titans. In the lowest realm of the Divine Universe, a young adult named Jodye Trill from modern Earth is reborn in a world full of magic he never imagined! In his first life, he was born into poverty in an affluent society! In this life, he was born into luxury in a cruel and vicious land! It's an unknown yet beautiful land of spiritual cultivation and martial arts but plagued by dark plots and evil techniques. Women are victimized, and used as tools! Once the destructive nature of the land extends to his own family, Jodye is unable to stand for the state of this world any longer."Strength! Without strength I watched my lover suffer. Without strength, I stood helpless as that same lover died!! Without strength, there is no respect, no love, and there can be no peace! I must be stronger. I will carve out my legend of strength to bring my world peace!!"

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