1 Adventure begins!

Distracted in her English class she was in her dream world. A girl named Skippy was a school going girl. As her usual days she was in school in the morning. Her classes were going on as usual. She prefers to sit near the window to get as close to nature as she can. She really loves nature. Today while her english classes were going on she saw a piece of paper lying in the school ground. She was very curious to find out what was in it as she was a lot into fantasies and believed a lot in virtual stuff. The bell rang finally.It was lunch break, she could not control herself and rushed to the ground as fast she could. She picked that piece of paper and kept in her pocket secretly. She didn't wanted anyone to know that she believes in fantasies because of the group of some mean bully girls "The Pro herd". They used to bully most of her classmates. Most of them were frightened from the Pro herd. Later that day when she was back to home ,she took a hault in the corner of a park and opened that piece of paper. She made sure that no one was near her. When she opened that paper she found a weird structure of a place with a mark which says W-64 "the path to land of mysteries". She was so confused so she kept it back in her bag. In the evening she and her friend Luna were strolling down the street. As they passed by a huge library she noticed the structure of the library. She found something alike about it from the paper she found. She decided to go back home and have a look at it again. Her friend luna was confused about her that why she left in a hurry. She said "Skippy was behaving unusual today, should i go and check her if she is good? I dont think so. What if i violate her privacy? i will ask her tomorrow." and left for her home. When skippy arrived at her house she grabbed her bag and looked at that paper carefully again. She had a strong feeling that the weird structure was the 'Library'. She took her cycle and rushed to the library as she was running out of time because it was very dark. She was correct, when she reached there she focused on every small details and it was same."This can't be a coincidence" she said and was so inspired to solve the mystery. She was about to enter but she ran out of time. The library was now closed. She went back cycling to her home. "Tomorrow is the day to solve this mystery" excited skippy said. She jumped into her bed and waited eagerly for the next day.

I hoped you liked till now, Chapter 2 coming soon.