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Skills Made Me


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What made human what they're now? There are many reasons for that , but I mainly think it's because of there 'Skills'. Yes , 'Skills' is the answer , skills that some had since birth in the form of talent, that some worked hard for, that some gained accidentally. And I'll obtain them , Yes I'll obtain the best and most powerful skills available. Obtaining Skills? Is it possible for you obtain only the best skills in this world in your human life span? It wouldn't be possible if 'Infinite' didn't exist I'm 'Axel' In Game Name :Excess. In the world of Game 'Infinite' I'm a powerful Swordsman,No wait I'm a powerful Magician. Welp I guess I play all the roles. How did this happen? What made this strong? "Skills Made Me." ×-×-× *I don't own the cover , so if the artist want to take down the cover please contact me* cover credit : benedickbana check him out.


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