In one of the medical rooms of Quancheng City.

An "average-looking" teenager, who looked somewhat like a well-known celebrity, lay on the hospital bed with his head covered underneath the blanket.

On the edge of his hospital bed stood a one-meter tall, white skeleton that was scary but yet cute looking at the same time.

Uhhh… well, this skeleton that was about to fall apart any moment was one of the reasons why the teenager on the bed was having such a headache.

"I get that you want to bring me back but why this time?! Why now?! Why didn't you bring me back a little earlier? I only need to be transmigrated back an hour early! Just one hour!

"I only need to go back an hour earlier. With my talent and looks, I would have summoned something much better than this rubbish here!" 

Lu Wu was devastated.

Transmigration… was supposed to be a good thing.

For someone who was already in his late twenties, coming back to his own body which was only 18 was definitely a good thing.

Even if this world was completely different from the one before.

Even if it meant that there were horrible creatures like monsters and unscientific things like secret realms added to the initially harmonious and stable society that he was in, Lu Wu still thought that transmigrating was a happy and exciting thing.

However, at this moment, Lu Wu did not feel any sense of satisfaction or happiness because he realised that he started off at a bad spot.

Just about an hour ago.

Their school decided to hold the Summoner's Ceremony for the Sophomores before the summer break.

For those who had dreams of becoming a professional summoner, this was their first summon and may also be their last.

This ceremony had a major influence on their life as it would change their future as professional summoner. It was just as important as the college entrance examination in his previous life.

And it was at this exact ceremony where Lu Wu, or more accurately, the predecessor of this body, summoned this joke as his initial summoned beast.

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When this little skeleton popped out, Lu Wu's entire body started trembling and he passed out.

Then, he was admitted to the hospital and that's when Lu Wu transmigrated into this body.

As soon as he entered into this body, he received all the memories from the predecessor, and he was just as devastated as the person before him.

He turned and looked at the skeleton next to him. At that moment, he felt that maybe, he probably should just jump off this building.

"Knock knock'"

Just when Lu Wu was still contemplating if he should just jump off the building or not, there was a knock on the door that was followed by a sweet, clear voice.

"Lu Wu, are you awake?"

Lu Wu recognised from the voice that it was his best friend, Pang Tutu. Ummm… although the last name might be wrong, at least it did a good job describing her.


As soon as Lu Wu replied, a particularly large chubby body slowly squeezed into the room. 

This was Lu Wu's best friend — Her real name is Bang Tutu, nicknamed Pang Tutu.* 

She was the same age as Lu Wu who was about 170cm tall and her weight was a little more than 100 kgs.

Pang Tutu walked to his bedside as she held onto a small piglet in her arms. "Lu Wu, are you okay?"

Lu Wu glanced at the piglet that was in Pang Tutu's hand and then scratched his head before turning to Pang Tutu.

"I feel much better now!"

Well, happiness definitely comes from comparison. 

After comparing with this childhood best friend, Lu Wu instantly felt much better about his own summoned beast.

Although Skeleton was not something that he was proud of, at least he didn't get a pig. Plus, Lu Wu definitely had the upper hand when it came to their outer appearance.

"That's great!"

Pang Tutu wasn't aware of what Lu Wu was thinking about, but as soon as she heard that Lu Wu was fine, a bright smile appeared across her chubby face.

As soon as she smiled, Lu Wu became unhappy.

"Stop smiling. Look at all that fat shaking on your face when you smile. How many times do I have to tell you to stop eating those junk foods? You really have to go on a diet! Why don't you ever listen to me?! Why do I have a childhood friend that is a fat girl instead of all the other beautiful girls out there?!"

As soon as Lu Wu finished his sentence, he was shocked. 

He never thought that he would say something like this. Pang Tutu, on the other hand, seemed to be indifferent about it.

Pang Tutu wasn't even angry. Instead, as soon as she heard what Lu Wu said, she obediently stopped smiling.

This scene made Lu Wu feel horrible about himself. The things that he said just now were completely influenced by the predecessor. It definitely wasn't his true intention.

He would have felt better if Pang Tutu actually said something back to him, but instead, her silence made him feel even worse.

"Hello, are you just going to let me scream at you like that? At least say something back."

Pang Tutu scratched her head and responded to Lu Wu with a silly smile on her face. 

When Lu Wu saw her response, he felt discouraged. The only problem with this childhood friend of his was just that she was too fat and her personality was too soft for anyone's liking. Plus, the previous Lu Wu of this body was a horrible person who used her as a punching bag.

After adjusting himself, Lu Wu got up from the bed and asked about another childhood friend of his. "Where's Lin? Why isn't he here?"

As soon as he mentioned Lin, Pang Tutu's face turned pale and she subconsciously lowered her head.

When Lu Wu noticed that something was odd, he turned around and stared at Pang Tutu. "I asked you a question."

"Ummmm…. Lin went to the training ground with the class monitor. He said that he wouldn't be going back with us and told us to go home without him."

Pang Tutu's head went even lower as she answered Lu Wu.

At this moment, she just wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in it.

She was sure that Lu Wu would burst out in rage as soon as he heard what she said. 

This was because Lin had broken the promise that they made yesterday.

They promised that after summoning their beasts, the three of them would form a team to join the National High School Summoner's League. However, during the ceremony, Lin saw that one of them summoned "Piglet" and the other one summoned "Skeleton" which were both useless summoned beasts.

Lin immediately broke their promise and went with the class monitor. He didn't even want to walk home with them. It was obvious that Lin had abandoned them.

With Lu Wu's temper, Pang Tutu was sure that he would burst out in anger which was why she felt scared.

Lu Wu was extremely scary when he got angry.

However, to her surprise, Lu Wu did not burst out in anger. Instead, he responded calmly, "Oh, Okay." Then, he stood up and walked out of the room.

Pang Tutu immediately grabbed onto Piglet and followed closely behind him.

As for Skeleton who was standing beside Lu Wu's hospital bed, it started walking behind Lu Wu with small swaying steps.

The fellow walked really, really slowly and was swaying side by side. After every few steps, it would break into pieces and fall to the ground. 

Skeleton could not feel pain and definitely couldn't scream either.

It stood up by itself and continued walking, but just after a few steps, it fell to the ground again.

Then, it would get back up, take a few steps, and end up on the ground again.

As this repeatedly happened several times, Pang Tutu felt bad for Skeleton but at the same time, she was also scared of it.

She didn't have the courage to touch things from the Undead Class. Plus, she was also worried that it might anger Lu Wu if she tried to help Skeleton.

Just as Pang Tutu felt helpless about what she should do, Lu Wu who was in front of her, suddenly stopped. He sighed, turned around, and walked towards Skeleton who was now on the ground. Then, he picked up Skeleton and started walking away. 

As Lu Wu picked up Skeleton from the ground, his facial expression changed. However, it immediately turned normal and he left the hospital with Skeleton in his arms.

Pang Tutu was stunned when she saw Lu Wu walking across her with Skeleton in his arms and couldn't help but feel that Lu Wu was a little different today. It really didn't feel like the Lu Wu she knew...

** T/L : Pang Tutu means fat when directly translated. His best friend's name is actually Tutu with the last name, Bang. However, the MC nicknamed her as Pang Tutu as a pun as it also directly represented how the person looked.

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