Love isn't meant to be perfect, it's about staying with the one you truly love, no matter the stumbles you face.


Waiting patiently to see the guy that made her sister leave her boyfriend, she was anxiously waiting to insult him, for taking her sister away from her boyfriend.

Angel, the second child of her mother, in a family of seven, but the fourth child of her father, Angel waited patiently on her elder sister's 20th birthday. Waiting anxiously to meet the guy that made her sister leave her boyfriend for him, she was ready to fight at any cost to return her sister back to her boyfriend.

Angel was just an Eighteen year old teenager who had never kissed or had anything to do with any guy, she loves staying alone, reading novels and listening to music; most people thought she was actually a lesbian because at that age most of her friends are always out on dates, but she preferred sleeping or eating at home.

After serval minutes of waiting and looking, Angel decided to go out and get something before coming back home, everybody were taking pictures but she was just angry at her sister for not paying attention to her boyfriend.

Clara, a twenty year old girl, first child of a family of seven, but third child from her father, Clara has always been the center of attention, loves it when guys are around her, or talks to her. Clara's boyfriend Joshua was a very tall and handsome guy, loved by many people, even by Angel. Angel admired Joshua that she wanted him to get married to Clara.

Buh unknowingly, Clara found any guy Daniel who she liked and wanted to date while she left Joshua, which made Angel so mad that she was prepared to send Daniel out of the house.

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