2147 Please believe in Haru

This time everyone from the Group Chat gathered together in the private room inside the spacecraft, and they were looking at Haru, waiting for his confirmation.

"Yes." Haru nodded and said, "I can gather most of the luck in this world, so you can get a good reward for the lottery later."


Everyone roared excitedly when they heard Haru's words. Everyone was always excited about the lottery reward since they could get powerful abilities or unique items for free, but there was a downside.

The downside of the lottery was that they could only get their thing at random, and they couldn't get something that they wanted.

However, even if the reward was bad, they could still get 2,000 points which was quite good, but for them, it wasn't enough.

Fortunately, Haru's ability could help them to get the best reward.

Haru, without hesitation, gathered all the luck that he could get in the surrounding area, then asked, "Who is going first?"

"Please, Haru!" They quickly said at the same time.

"....." Haru.

After all, even though they knew that Haru could gather a lot of luck around the surrounding area to enhance that person's luck, they hadn't seen it and wanted to see how effective this ability was.

Haru didn't mind and put the luck that he had collected into his body and directly opened his reward.

<Congratultaions, you have received the "All-For-One" Quirk>

"......." Everyone.

Unlike their surprises, Haru thought about his new reward, and it made him wonder whether he was forced to become a thief or something. With this reward, he had three abilities that were related to stealing from "Snatch," "Graceful Robber," and "All-For-One" Quirk.

Usually, it should be enough with just the "Snatch" ability alone since there were a lot of things that "Snatch" could steal, but with the support of two abilities, "Graceful Robber" and "All-For-One," it made it easier for him to steal a skill, an item, or a status.

While Haru was wondering how to develop his abilities, everyone was surprised by his reward since it was so easy for him to get a good reward.

'This... So his ability is real?' They thought at that moment.

Haru thought for a moment before he saw everyone, who was staring at him as if a rare animal. "So, is that enough?"

"Enough!" They had seen how well his ability was, so there was no need to see it anymore. They knew that the luck that Haru gathered could help them to get a good reward from the lottery, so they didn't have any doubt.

"So, who is first?" Haru asked.



"Haru, me!"

"Alright, Kuroneko, come here." Haru thought for a moment and decided on Kuroneko.

Why Kuroneko?

It was because this girl was so desperate that she used her lightning manipulation to attract his attention.

"Okay." Kuroneko showed a smug expression and nodded. "Come!"

Haru put all the luck that he had gathered into Kuroneko's body, then looked at her curiously, wondering what kind of reward she would get.

Kuroneko took a deep breath then, put her hand on her eyes, then said, "Under the name of the Dark ---"

"Can you open your lottery quickly?" Esdeath asked while staring at Kuroneko.

"Yes!" Kuroneko answered quickly, then opened her lottery hesitation, then...


<Congratluations, you have received "Goro Goro no Mi">

Kuroneko screamed excitedly, held a strange blue fruit in her hands, and looked at it in amazement. She just didn't expect that out of all the rewards that she could get. She would get this reward which made her so happy that she almost passed out.


Everyone was also dumbfounded since Kuroneko's reward was too amazing, right?

Goro Goro no Mi was without a doubt one of the strongest fruits in the world of One Piece since it gave the user the ability to become lightning and manipulate lighting. If there was a weakness, then without a doubt, it was water and also Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Mi.


Kuroneko kept roaring as she moved around, holding her Devil Fruit.


Kuroneko showed it right in front of Kuzuha, Tsunade, Jeanne, and almost all of the members of the Group Chat until she was stopped by Esdeath.



Esdeath sighed, then asked, "You're not going to eat it?"

"I - I'll eat it!" Kuroneko said without hesitation, but then, Asagi suddenly stopped her.

"Wait, Kuroneko."

"What's wrong?" Kuroneko was confused. She was just about to embark on the life of a powerhouse who became one of the powerful members of the Group Chat, but Asagi suddenly stopped her, which made her confused. The truth was, she was quite nervous at the time since she knew how bad the taste of the Devil Fruit was, considering Haru also had eaten it too in the past, so he had told them about his experience.

Shinobu looked at Haru and asked, "Haru, can you duplicate this Devil Fruit?" She recalled Haru's ability, and if Haru duplicated the Devil Fruit, then everyone would have the ability of "Goro Goro no Mi," right?

Haru blinked his eyes and nodded. "I can, but this is Kuroneko's trademark ability. If everyone can use it, then our group will lack individuality."

Unexpectedly Gintoki and Korosensei nodded at the same time.

"Yeah, we need individuality and unique power on our own." Korosensei nodded.

"If our power is similar to each other, then the reader will get bored, and this novel's popularity will even decrease," Gintoki said with a serious tone.


When those words fell, everyone shuddered in fear.

What was the author's fear the most?

Without a doubt, the loss of the readers since the loss of readers would cause the author's income to decrease and the lack of motivation to write.

Well, the first one was the real reason, as, for the second reason, the author had always been too lazy to write somehow.

Even Esdeath, who was a sadist, was also strangely silent since she also knew how important the readers were, and without a doubt, the rewards that she would get were probably an ice-related ability, temperature-related ability, or time-related ability. Not that she had anything to complain about, though.

"Well, how about we continue to open our rewards?" Haru asked since he needed to stop this awkward situation while wondering why they needed to talk about the readers now?


They nodded without hesitation and opened their reward.

Haru knew that there would be two more dangerous quests that were waiting for him, and he knew that everyone needed to prepare or else they might die. Gathering luck around the area again, he helped everyone to open their lottery, getting a strong ability or items so they could get out alive in the next quests.

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