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When Haru returned to Itogami Island, he didn't immediately talk about the quests. Rather, he spent his time with his women for a while before he talked about the quest with Asagi and Natsuki.

"So you're coming back because of the quest?" Natsuki asked with a frown since she felt a bit uncomfortable that she couldn't help.


"So, how long before you can finish this quest?" Natsuki asked.

"Well, the time will stop when we're doing a quest, so even if we stay there for a year, you'll feel that it's only an instant," Haru said.

"Huh? We'll be there for an entire year?" Asagi was dumbfounded.

Haru was speechless and said, "Did you forget how long I have stayed in this world?"

"...." Asagi.

"Well, if the quest is easy, then we might be able to finish it in a month or so," Haru said.

"By the way, what's your fastest record?" Asagi asked curiously.

Haru thought for a moment and said, "It's been three days."

"Three days?!"

Asagi and Natsuki were dumbfounded. After all, the difference in the span of time was too long.

Haru stayed in this world for a year. Then he spent three days on the other quest, which made them a bit dumbfounded.

"Wow, isn't that quest so easy then?" Asagi asked.

"Well..." Haru thought for a moment and said, "I guess that depends on the individual then."

"By the way, what kind of quest is that?" Natsuki asked curiously.

"There's a prophet-wannabe who wants to change the world into a perfect world where there isn't war, famine, and other conflicts in this world by turning all people in the world into a soul so they can stay in peace and satisfied all the time. My quest is to stop that person," Haru said.

"......." Natsuki and Asagi.

Natsuki and Asagi were wondering what was so bad turning the world into a perfect world, but when they heard the method, they had a chill since by turning into a soul, then they would lose their bodies, and they would lose their will by then, even though they were alive, they were dead.

"It's great that you can stop it," Natsuki said with a sigh.

"Still, do you think that such a world is possible?" Asagi asked.

"You mean a perfect world where everyone is happy, everyone is good, and everyone is perfect, without evil and chaos. Let's call it... Pure World? You want to ask whether such a world is possible or not, right?" Haru asked.

"Um." Asagi nodded. "What do you think?"

"I don't think such a world is good," Haru said.

"Why?" Asagi asked.

"The world is full of good, the perfect world, without anyone making a mistake, then everyone will be satisfied, when they're satisfied, there won't be any progress, by then, it is only a time before they go extinct since they won't do anything nor they will try to do anything. Lastly, they might become bored," Haru said.

"Bored? What's wrong with that?" Asagi asked.

"Asagi, did you forget the vampire in this world? Is it because they're bored that they cause a lot of chaos? It is because they're bored that they cause a lot of crimes. If we stay in such a world, then it might be only a time before we, or our descendants, do something similar to a vampire," Natsuki said.

"......." Asagi.

"You know, life is like food."

"Food?" 2x

"You can't just eat "what's good for you" if you do that, your body will grow vulnerable. You have to take "good" with a little "bad" once in a while." Haru hugged Natsuki and Asagi in his arms, caressing their waists gently, but they looked at him with focus and listened to his every word. "You need your fair share of sadness, pain, vitamins, and poison to overcome the obstacles. You have to keep taking both of them, in measured quantities, to improve the flow and the growth of bones and muscles in our body." It was also the reason why he didn't erase all the crimes in the Itogami island since he knew that this crime was necessary for the growth of his Empire. He didn't want to become their nanny who would take care of everything, so what was the point of him paying the Police Guards on this island?

Haru knew that an obstacle was needed so everyone could grow up, and if he just gave them everything, then they would become lazy and wouldn't do anything. It was the only thing that he couldn't forgive.

War, famine, and other conflicts might seem cruel, and no one wanted it. However, from the big picture, it was necessary to push the progress of humanity. Still, if possible, he also didn't want to have a war since whenever there was a war, there would be a lot of people who died.

However, humans were also selfish creatures, and as long as it had nothing to do with their family, then they didn't care much.

Haru knew that he was cruel since he saw everything in the big picture and ignored some people who were suffering from the cruelty, but as Nietzsche said, "To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering."

"You know, this kind of question, there isn't right or wrong, there isn't a perfect answer, and there isn't the only answer. It just depends on what each other thinks. You have your own way. I have my own way. Still, it might be impossible for us to save everyone, but it's possible to save the one in front of us," Haru said.

Hearing Haru's words, Natsuki and Asagi nodded and knew that they were quite selfish, but it was alright. They just wanted to live with their loved ones without worry, and that was what was important for them.

As for world peace? They couldn't care about that matter. Still, even so, they would maintain peace in the Itogami island since this island was their home.

"So is it the reason why you're always so eager to get a new harem? So you can't be a perfect lover for your girls?" Natsuki suddenly asked with a strict expression.


Haru wanted to nod, but he knew that he just couldn't control his penis.

Looking at Haru's expression, Asagi and Natsuki laughed before they pushed him on the bed since they needed to punish him now!


"So, are you ready?" Haru asked.

"Um." Asagi nodded without hesitation.

"Still, are you sure you're wearing a uniform?" Haru asked, looking at Asagi, who was wearing her high school uniform.

"What? Are you dissatisfied with it? Isn't it beautiful? Didn't you always love the feeling of lifting my skirt?" Asagi asked with a pout.


Haru could only caress Asagi's butts gently and had to admit that it felt nice.


Asagi flicked Haru's forehead and said, "We can do this later. Let's go and start the quest!" She tried to hide her blush by looking away. Still, even so, I was excited about the new adventure.

"Well, let's start now." Haru looked at Natsuki and said, "Natsuki, we'll go now."

"Um, be careful." Natsuki nodded, but she couldn't hide her worry.

Haru kissed Natsuki's lips without hesitation, saying goodbye before he started the quest together with Asagi.

Haru and Asagi were enveloped in white light before they were teleported to another world, and at the same time, the world stopped, and no one would realize that they had gone on the quest.


Asagi was dumbfounded when she suddenly saw that she was in a different place. "Huh?" She was just in Haru's room, but suddenly she realized that she was falling from a high altitude and it caused her to scream his name.


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