Sir, Your Wife Left The World Breathless Again Book

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Sir, Your Wife Left The World Breathless Again

Pure Elegance

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After winning the grand slam of the best actress, Chen Que transmigrated to a rich family’s drama of deception, becoming a rich daughter who was swapped with malicious intent. But after returning to her proper family, what awaits was countless forms of harassment and scorn, instead of kinship and affection! Her biological parents told the world that she’s adopted and did not acknowledge her, neglecting her while fawning over Yuan Ranran who appeared as a poor girl to everyone but actually stole from Chen Que at every other turn, and shoved her to the arms of a pudgy investor. Chen Que opened her eyes to find herself in a dazzling golden hall, and as this drama turned out, she would be taken away by the pudgy man by force, losing her purity while her reputation ended up in tatters. Fury flared in her eyes at the very thought, and she opened the door, bent on mutual destruction with the investor when she noticed another man—wasn’t he Fan Cheng, the male lead’s youngest uncle and the true head of the Fan family? She walked up, planted herself on his lap, and said meekly, “Shall we go over the rules, sir?”


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