Reviews of Sir, How About A Marriage?


Sir, How About A Marriage?

Jie Ru

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Good story but the description isnt accurate at all The FL is a doctor… Translator are you okay? Been translating too many entertainment novels i see


Raw title anyone? ................................ ................................ ................................ ...............................


The plot is very good-going. Anyone know raw name ?


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The beginning of the story remind me of "Trial Marriage : Husband Need to Work Hard".. The way they get married is so similar though.. Name of the FL & ML slmost same too.. Tang Ning - Song Ning Mo Ting - Mu Chen


im trying to find the raw book but i seem cant find it so frustrating haih, hope anyone can share the raw title with the link if they have it.


AWESOME! One of the best novels on trial read recently. FL is strong consistently and so far, doesn't become mute, dumb and defenseless whenever someone is bullying her. Grammar and use of English are above average. I truly hope this novel gets selected! Can't wait to read past chapter 40 and find out what happens next +.+ p.s. In the last 3 chapters here were parts of the text that were repeated, like copy-paste gone wrong, and hopefully it won't happen anymore. As


I hope this book will be picked. Promising story, 25 chapters . FL was an actress until going to college, give up because of parents divorce and didn't like the entertainment industry, later changed her name. Also knew ML mother who was also a famous actress (chapters 24 & 25) .


readers if anyone hope to release pilot books in trial read that book has to give a like ur seeing icon 3 tags that give a click based more likes they will release the book in trial read[img=recommend]


if anyone know the raw title please share to us hehehehe thankyou --------------'zxxxxxxzzzzzzzzzz---------------------------------------------------'------------


Just love this story. Simply romantic. No extraordinary super powers. No beyond supernatural genius. The Female Lead is not a pushover. The type of reserved character but with strong hidden personalit. And, of course, I am biased with handsome, Absolutely wealthy, but super doting Male Leads. Plus, who will not love Grandma?


I actually love this novel. The plot is nice and there were a lot of plot twists that made this novel more awesome and entertaining. This is my first time writing a review. I highly recommend this book guys. Give it a try. Thanks author for your efforts. Keep it up! !


I had first reviewed this story when there was 40 chapters available during the trial read. I've been keeping up with the story since then but have decided to drop it as I don't like the direction it's going. After the conflict with her ex was resolved, it was drama after drama happening, kind of like watching one of those daily tv show dramas. I know conflict is to be expected in stories but this conflict wasn't that interesting. &, as I mentioned, the conflict happening in the 300s chapters is one of those cheap kind used in daily tv show dramas. (For those who don't mind spoilers I'll write it as a comment to this post.) & I do agree with early reviews that the synopsis can be kind of misleading.


The flow of this story is geTTing mess !!! Dont waSte ur time on this one !! They are focusing on the Villains and not the leads… Disappointing novel !!! 🙄🙄🙄 disappointing And disgusting…. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😒😒


Starting strong in Trial Read this review is after 20 chapters. Very feel good kind of story with a harmonius relationship between FL and ML. FL seems capable but hasn’t been tested much yet and her background is still unclear besides being a good medical student. ML is also capable and kind and seems to be a CEO and head of family. Overall i can recommend this novel and hope to read more if it gets picked.


I am really enjoying the story very much The FL is strong and ML is totally in love with her. Their clarity of thoughts while not being very romantic and medical details not being very correct but as a sweet love story I hope this story is selected


This is one of the best stories I have read in so long. Even if it isn't done at the time I'm writing this. I can't wait until the rest of the chapters come out!! thank you author for bringing something so creative and beautiful into the world, and thank you translater for making it so that I can enjoy this!


I have read tge first 50 Chapters and can’t wait for more. There is action and drama. i like the way the main characters are building ip. I read a review that joked about the main characyer being an actress or a doctor. After actually reading it, its a bitnof both. She was a successful actress in a movie, very loved, but tgen retired. its also her life dream to beCome a doctor which dhe is stuDying for. What standS out is the way the author has written it. There is enough to make it different to other books , But the way the author has written it, i just wantbto jeep reading more. cant wait for more chapters.


This is a great novel!!! It looks like a grest read, please update it. The female lead is great 😊 i like her, shes a doctor but she was in the entertainment industry before and sonetgi g happened between her folks during her time in entertainment industrY. please give it a try guys, inmho it is refreshing.


i need moreeeee plz give me the r a w............. this is soo good.... i really like it...................................................