7 Chapter 6: Hi

I still couldn’t believe the fact that my dearest friends entrusted me to Job.

Yes, we have met for a few times already. But still, he’s mysterious. All I know about him is that he belongs to a rich family (a generous one on that), and that he has… women… in his life.

I should have gone home with Kuya Alvin, regardless of my fear with motorbike.

But Kuya Alvin ditched me. So I am now here in this… situation. Alone with Job in his car.

The whole ride was quiet. It’s almost deafening if not for the radio playing on the background. Thank God and the people who invented radios on cars.

It’s just a 15-minute ride but it felt like… forever. I don’t know why it always feel like this when I’m around Job. It’s like the time is always in slow-motion.

My head throbbed in pain when the idea of me being attracted to him bugged me again.

No, this can’t be happening.

Finally I arrived home. Job stopped the car outside our small house. I unfastened my seatbelt, thinking of ways how to thank him without sounding awkward.

“T-thank y-you for the ride home.”

Mission of not sounding awkward: failed.

“It’s no problem,” he said, his husky voice almost echoed inside the confines of his car. I couldn’t look at him right now or else I might get more… attracted.

Oh no. Am I really attracted to him?!

“Uhm, take care.” I said, still avoiding to look at him. I could feel his stare at me.

“Good night, Genesis.”

My face heated up. I nodded and finally looked at him. I instantly regret it because he’s already looking at me intensely. I withdrew my gaze immediately.

“G-good night, too,” and I opened the car door and left. My own heartbeat… I could hear it loud and clear.

Lord! This can’t be happening!

I entered the house and I saw the girls getting ready for our movie night. They were all smiles when they saw me, but I scowled at them. They really think they could get away with what they did to me, huh.

“Why did you guys leave me?”

Vicky laughed. “Why not? He volunteered to take you home.”

My brows furrowed. “What do you mean?”

“Job said that he will not let you ride a motorbike again.”

I paused. “What?”

Trinity rolled her eyes, obviously running out of patience, but still had a teasing smile plastered on her face. “Job told us that he saw you once riding a motorbike with a guy, and you guys had the guts to overtake his speeding car. That’s why he offered to take you home cause he doesn’t want you to get into trouble.”

Motorbike with a guy. Overtaking his car.

My mouth gaped. The day when I almost got late for the mass?! It was his car?!

“I almost fell in love with him when he said ‘I will never let Genesis ride a motorbike again’.” Trinity added and guffawed. Vicky and Beca also laughed.

They continued laughing but I ignored them. I went passed them but Beca blocked my way.

“You’re blushing. Oh. My. Goodness!” Beca exclaimed, eyes wide. “You like him, don’t you?”

“No!” I covered my cheeks, pushing Beca away and walk past her. Beca almost lost her balanced but she just laughed.

“You really do like him, Genesis,” Vicky concluded, chuckling.

“She sure does,” Beca added, now sitting on the couch, smile still wide.

“What makes you think that I like him?” I asked, exasperated with their teasing and with my chaotic feelings.

“Because it’s obvious! You can’t hide it anymore.”

I shook my head. “No. So can you please stop?”

Vicky smirked. “And it looks like he likes you, too.”

My eyes widened, heart skipping a beat. “Stop concluding, my goodness!”

Trinity teased me some more. “Your face is red! You have finally hit puberty!”

“Shut up!” I marched towards my room, slamming the door. I heard them laughing their lungs out and teasing me more. I held my chest and calmed myself.

No. This can’t be…


I woke up early the next day. I didn’t join the movie night to avoid their teasing. I don’t want any more of that.

Today is Mom’s check-up. Because of the money Dimitri gave to us, we can now finally start her necessary treatment for her cancer.

I made breakfast for all of us. The powerpuff girls were still sleeping in our small living room. They probably enjoyed the movie night too much that they slept really late.

I was done cooking our breakfast when Nanay walked in. I put on the table some toasted bread and scrambled eggs. I gave Nanay her usual morning tea.

“Thank you.” She smiled at me. I smiled back. I’m so happy that we can finally start her treatment.

“How was your sleep?”

She chuckled. “I got awake for a moment because all of you were loud last night.”

I shut my eyes. I suddenly remembered their teasing. Nanay laughed softly.

“By the way, Dimitri called me last night.” Nanay told me. “I told him that we are going to the hospital today.”

“Oh. I forgot to tell him last night.” I grimaced. I got distracted by the fact that he transferred again a huge amount of money to my account. “I’ll send him a message.”

“No need.” Trinity interrupted. She looked so pissed. She gave me her phone. I took it, looked at the screen, and saw Dimitri’s name. He wanted a video call.

“Please tell him not to interrupt my sleep again.”

I chuckled. “Then tell him.”

“Seeing his smug face in the morning? No freaking way.” She said, irritated, and went back to the living room to continue her slumber. I chuckled.

I answered the call and Dimitri displayed on the screen. He looked like he just finished having his nightly workout because he had a towel hanging on his shoulders, and his hair was dripping with water.

“You really like to disturb Trinity, huh.”

He smirked. “Tell her I’m sorry.”

I rolled my eyes. “Tell her yourself.”

He scowled. “She’ll just get mad at me again.”

“That’s for sure.” I chuckled. “Why did you call, though?”

“I cannot contact you. I was worried. I thought something happened to you last night.”

“Sorry. I misplaced my phone. I’ll look for it after Nanay’s checkup. Maybe I left it in the church.”

Last night. I shut away the memories of what happened last night.

He nodded. “I just checked on you. Buy a new phone, okay? Bye.”

I smiled. “Bye, grumpy head.”


We arrived at the hospital. The doctor asked for further examinations since it’s been awhile since Nanay got diagnosed with Stage II colon cancer. He wanted to make sure that they will give her the right treatment.

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As I was listening to the doctor, I could feel Nanay’s tightened grip on my hand. She’s afraid. I am afraid, too. But I know that we will get through all of this. I need to reassure her that fact. She needed her faith and hope to stand still, because that’s where we will be holding onto.

“You don’t have to worry about the money, Nanay.”

We’re already at the lobby of the hospital. The doctor instructed us the tests and treatment needed for Nanay. She’s worried that the money will not be enough.

“Okay,” she said, but worry was still evident on her face.

“Just focus on treatment, okay?” I gave her a gentle smile. I need to always assure her that everything is going to be okay. Being diagnosed with cancer is not easy to deal with. She needed all the support for her to keep going.

We went home. Trinity, Beca and Vicky were watching tv when we arrived. Trinity gave her phone to me again and rolled her eyes. I apologized to her when I saw Dimitri’s chat to her.

“Please look for your phone or buy a new one. I’m losing my sanity.”

I chuckled. “Sorry. I will.”

I read the messages. Dimitri said that one of our friends, Nikki, invited us to her house for her birthday party.

As I continue to read their conversation, somebody knocked on our gate.

“I’ll get it,” I said when Beca stood up. She nodded and mumbled her thanks and yawned. I laughed. She still looked sleepy.

I heard another knock. I opened our gate and my mouth gaped when I saw Job. He’s carrying a basket of fruits.

“Hi,” he greeted and smiled.

His smile was so bright it felt like he just gave sunshine on the surrounding. His hazel eyes were mesmerizing as always. His face... His presence...

My heart went wild. Just like that..