1 Glossary

Vampires: Undead warriors mainly feed off of blood or food. Usually it's both. Sunlight hurts them.

Haven: The safe refuge for the immortal brothers. It seems like a church, but only due to the enchantment of a witch. In reality and to the eyes of those who are either half-blood born or immortal it is a mansion with great beauty.

Makers: Imitation undead. They may seem like a vampire but they are not. Unlike the vampires the sun doesn't affect them and they don't need blood to survive. They are the enemy of the vampires. Stolen their blood for use of immortality and now seek to hunt them all down. The reason why there are so few pure immortals left. Makers have taken over the city of Vespera and wish to purify it of all the ugly.

Immortals: The purest of pure blooded vampires. They are the ones that fight against the Makers. They are limited to only five pure bloods right now within the Haven, five warrior brothers still survive fighting the never ending war. They can survive off of blood or food, but blood is a very high preference for them.

Society of Spies: Humans who decided to not follow the Makers. They live within the wall and outside of the wall, sneaking in and out undetected to deliver useful Intel to the Haven. Only the very best are selected with a unique set of skill sets.

Carissimi/ Karus: Beloved or love. Immortals sometimes rely on old latin when they cherish a female they care deeply about.

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