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Disclaimer: This fanfic contains a lot of smut...**


It was the night for half of the earth.

In a modern street where there were a lot of high buildings, noisy cars all around, someone was running between the high buildings, jumping from one to another.

The rain was falling on him, making him wet, cold, and limiting his breathing rate, making the run very draining. However, it didn't look like it was going to slow him down.

His golden smooth kept floating back as he was swiftly running for his life from the people who were chasing him.

*Bullets sound *

In a building that was behind him, yellow sparks shone brightly in the night. The shouting sounds filled the air, yet the people down couldn't hear it because of the noisy cars.

"Damn it."

The blond youth suddenly stopped next to the building's edge. He saw the distance that he has to jump to reach the next building. It was really wide. If he jumps and doesn't reach the next building, he will fall from the height of ten floors and die. However, if he doesn't jump, he would get shot by those who are chasing him and die anyway.

*Bullet sound*

'Still better than dying by a gun.'

the Golden-haired youth took some steps back ready to run, his heart was beating so fast, the adrenaline was running in huge amounts through his veins.

*loud heartbeat*.

he could feel the faint line between the death and life at this moment, he could hear his heartbeat clearer.

The guys who were chasing him could see his silhouette, three-building aways. To them, it was annoying how much they had to run to catch up to this Blondie.

"Here he is!" Someone, three buildings away building, standing on the roof, saw the blonde youth stepping back. Instead of taking his gun, not wanting to annoy the people who lives bellow the roof they are standing at, he took a communication device and said, "8 o'clock. Send the Dogs after him."


Someone, on the opposite side from the caller, unleashed two fast hunting dogs. The two animals started running with high speed toward the youth, they were fast and agile as they could jump between those buildings with ease.

The Golden Haired youth stopped walking backward: "To do or to die".

And he ran forward with max speed. As soon as he reached the edge of the building, he kicked the ground and jumped high, swinging his arms and legs, while he was in the air, very high from the ground. If he don't reach the other far side, he will die. It was wonderful that in his eyes, he could see all of this in slow motion.


His feet hit something solid. He reached the other building as he landed and rolled on the ground few times before he could regain his balance.

*woof* *woof*

Turning his face, he looked behind him to the other building and saw the dogs that were chasing him. Even if they were fast and agile, the distance from that building to this one is huge for them, amd animals are coward when it comes to risking their lives. He pointed with his middle finger to the dogs, before he turned his back and ran away, since be can't mock them longer, otherwise, their owners would catch up and shoot him.

*helicopter's sounds*

"I see." The golden-haired boy stopped on the edge hearing this loud sound that came from a source, that was in front of him.

He lifted his head, a red point appeared on his chest. One masked man was sitting on the edge of the helicopter and was aiming a rifle at him. It was a sign for him to not move.

two Helicopters got bigger as they were getting closer. Now they are above the same roof that he stood on. From each one, many people started jumping off as the helicopters landed, each one of those men was wearing a black outfit that usually would make people mistake them as black ops. Around their waists, there were guns, and hanging on their backs, were the last version rifles. They stood on line. Between them, a man in a black, who had black glasses covering his eyes, started to walk forward to the blond youth.

He had a bald head, not a bad face for 70 years old man - that would be the case if he wasn't younger than that. He was a bit short and fat.

"Mister Lucas, we meet again, " the man in black said as he stopped four meters away from Lucas.

"You could've had just appear with your Helicopters from the beginning instead of making me run all of this distance," Lucas, who had a smooth Golden hair with a modern, clean haircut, and blue eyes, said with a relaxed expression as he took a cigarette from his pocket and lit it up. Due to the rain, he had to use his palm in order not to get it wet. (experienced smoker.)

"Oh, pardon me, I couldn't hold my self seeing you running like a stray dog. Don't worry, you will die in my hands as I can't resist the temptation," The Boss of this group said as took a gun from his coat and pointed to Lucas.

"Tsk, If the people knew that such a respectful person like yourself is working with the mafia and pointing with his gun to a young man like me."

Lucas didn't show any fearful expression. Even though he was terrified that his heart would jump out and knew he fucked up, he still knows that he would die even if he begged, so he decided to keep his dignity in front of this fatty.

"You dared to flirt and sleep with my wife. Now you want to make me look like the bad guy" The fatty was talking in a calm tone; however, the aggressiveness in his words showed how much he is in rage.

In his head, he still can hear the loud moans of his wife from the video he watched, which was recorded by a hidden camera that he wanted initially to use it for recording sex, but it gave him something unexpected.

"If I told you that I didn't know she was married - perhaps- would you feel better." Lucas relaxed his shoulder and tried his best to keep the cigarette lit, since this maybe the last time he can enjoyt smoking.

The man in black took a deep breath and started talking.

"Let me tell you a short story, blonde ass. At the beginning of my life. I was an average citizen who was named James. The thing that I was worry about most was a result of a soccer game between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

"But then, when I got to college, I saw her, and I fell under her sweet eyes, but she was out of my league, so I started to read and study seriously, thousands, no, tens of thousands of books that I read, I even worked in three different part-time jobs so I can keep up with my dreams, and finally I was able to open my company and got her to be mine.

"Yet, Some Underground Delivery Shitty boy that doesn't have even a college degree yet, came to my company, and because he had a slightly handsome face, he was able to fuck my wife." James eyes turned red as he was telling his story, his facial expression showed a mix between the sadness and rage.

" What are you going to do. "

" torture you."

Lucas who heard his story didn't show much expression. He took his cigarette and threw it off, since it turned went, and pointed to James with his finger, which wasn't shacking "Listen, no matter what social level you reach, or how much knowledge you have, and no matter how many books you have read, how many you have, none of them will teach you how to make a woman happy." (unless she needs sugar daddy)

In front of Lucas was the head of a reliable company that makes weapons and sells them on national level.

On the other hand, Lucas was an underground delivery boy previously a gangster and an adopted son of a mafia boss. But, he left his gang and decided to live as underground deliverer, since it is profitable and give him a lot of free time.

One day, when he had to deliver something to the company that belongs to the fatty here, he had met with her. She was a masterpiece of the God creation. She had blue bright eyes like the sky, her black hair was falling to her shoulders. Her Melon sized breasts were always threatening to shatter her bra, her curvey waist her long legs, her big and perky butt, let's not forget her beautiful scent, she could make the hearts of the men stop if she gave them a glace to their eyes. She was breathtaking. And she was wasted on this James, the stalker who used all of the ways to make her his, and finally, he didn't last a minute with her as he spent his time with his secretary more than his wife. She was desperate to the degree that she never wore her ring - it was a scream for help.

When Lucas saw her, he couldn't help but talk with her, and after some kind words she took him to her mansion, and he gave her the time of her life. And if he has to admit that night, he would say that she was wild. Even to this moment, Lucas still feels her lips taste, and he doesn't regret it a bit... Maybe... Come on, who wouldn't regret if he sent himself to death.

"Not bad for your last words " James aimed his gun at Lucas' chest, and shot two bullets. James wanted to torture Lucas before killing him, but this youth said words that made him fly to rage.

As the bullets hit the left side of his chest, Lucas couldn't help but cover his heart with his hand and slowly fall on his back next to the edge.

The men behind James lowered their weapons at this moment.

*Spat *

James spat on Lucas's face and turned his back to leave with his men. "Cut his D, I want to gift it to my wif-"

However, after two steps, before he could complete his words, James felt some arm grabbing his neck and pulling him back.

His men turned and saw the scene; they took their guns and aimed but still didn't dare to shoot, as that person is hiding behind their boss.

James realised something seeing the blond hair strand on his shoulder.

"You are alive. But, how? I shot your heart" his heart jumped as he was being pulled back to the edge.

Lucas opened his coat, and five thick nude magazines volumes fell to the ground with two bullets inside them

With disdainful face, Lucas said, "if you want someone dead, aim his head, and twice, since some can survive after one shot. But knowing this is almost useless now."

Lucas stopped while his feet were on the edge as his arms were locking on James' neck.

If one of these armed men shot him, Lucas would fall back, and thus, James would die.

"Stop, we can discuss this, what do you want, money, women.." James felt fear and desperately used his card, greed.

"what I want, you can't give it to me"

Lucas gave a smile.

Whatever will happen, he would die anyway.

Making his decision, Lucas jumped back dragging James with him down.

As both were falling to the ground, Lucas's body suddenly glowed, and he vanished to the thin air while James had hit the ground and died.

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