Who am i, Well where the hell am in, How did i appear here.

Yes, My name is Arthur.

Now i remember how i got here.

I think the got girl should be fine since i pushed her out of the truck's way, That means i am dead

Wait is the afterlife


What is that light


Dragon Overload system activating

Host name: Arthur

Race: Wyyern(Dragon)

Level: 1

World: Unknown

Heath Condition: Bad(Weaken Soul)]

Arthur slowly opened his eye.

What the heck, Why does body fell so heavy, Where am i.


Due to host's positive Karma , Host has been reincarnated.]

Wait who are you.


My name his Dragon Overload system i am here to help the host achieve his wishes.]

Wait what Dragon Overload System.


Would the host like to load the memories of the previous body holder.]

mmm, Yes.

[Loading previous memories.]

Arr, I see i am no longer a human.

System can you turn me into a human.


So there is no way i can ever turn into a human.


If the host achieve the basic dragon level host can change to Human-Dragonoid form.]

System how can i became a basic dragon.


Host can complete the system given missions and quest to earn exp to level up to basic dragon.]

System what do you mean by exp.

[Host the level up for each evolution is divided into 9 levels.

Host is presently at level 1 so host has to go level 9 to evolve.]

System what type of mission's why i have to do.

[Host will be given few choices of mission to complete to earn exp.

But host mission choices are locked since host has not completed the starter mission.

Host has to complete the starter mission to unlock the mission options]

System then quickly give me the starter mission.


Starter mission : Sleep for more than 2 continuous days.]

Ha,what i just have to sleep to complete the mission


The system is Dragon Overload system it's aim is to make the host a Dragon Overload

So the host has to complete the things which are done by Dragons to complete the mission and level up]

Ok, So be it i will become a Dragon who can be free from any restrictions and fly to the Heaven

Alright system let's do it.

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