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Volume 1

One fine morning an empty ground was filled with millions of aliens like beasts.Here is our superhero surrounded by aliens was in a big trouble like thrashing him due to his weakness as an prey for them they had cut off the head of the superhero .

They successively done as they preplanned about the assasination of the superhero as who was defeated by The Melcan -the head alien.

As first the body was only covered by the wounds due to punishment of the aliens.The Melcan stand infront of the superhero as he shown his smile too by the time the millions of other aliens screamed to their throat .

By the fraction of second his head landed in land as it was a strange hill land and no humans were found there as easily as possible but there was a person had witnessed all of these as he was heading the goat gang as soon as he ran away there will be a hand holding his goats head.He was supposed to ask sorry by the time but no use for that as the goats gang was cleared by aliens &too his head was sucken up by an alien.

He died tooo.Now its time for being happy humans as you all celebrate it with holidays said by The Melcan. And this happiness will be no more for u within upcoming days ,just count on your days for happiness &I wont let u live just like that...hahahahahahaaaa...

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