Simi realistic reincarnation into Naruto

I am picking this back up. But my release rate will be slow. After all, I feel like people will read this if I write well. And I will go for actual chapters, eg 5000 words plus.

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Chapter 14

After about 15 minutes, Homura was back to walking around normal, albeit a little slower.

"So am I going to keep this seal on everywhere?"

Akira smirked at Homura. "Yes. Even when your showering, or eating, you'll keep it on. The only place you'll take it off is when your sleeping. Because that could lead to injury."

Homura looked at his mom and with slight hesitation, and a said, "I want to increase the gravity when I get used to it."

Akira looked at Homura with a devilish smirk, "I was planning on doing that anyways."

She then followed up with, "I think the first thing we need to do is build up your physical endurance. And the best way to do that is to run. We'll do a quick 5k for a warm up. You don't want to get injured after all. Our goal is 20 minutes."

Homura was horrified. He wanted to work hard, but when tasked with actually doing it, started to give him second thoughts.

Ding: You'll be fine. A 5k in this world is easy. Just think of nice things when your hurting.

'Your right. I need to man up and do it.'

Akira said, "Let's start. I'll start you at a slower pace then we can work our way up."

Homura nodded in response. Then they started running. Immediately, Homura felt the effects of the gravity seals.

"Holy shit this is hard." Homura said, even struggling to run 200 meters.

"You'll get used to it. Your chakra will naturally help you replenish your stamina."

After about 2,000 meters, Homura started to feel good.

"I feel normal now!" Homura exclaimed, excited for making progress. He always wondered why ninjas in Naruto don't ever get tired.

Akira was shocked. It usually takes 3-4 days to get used to the gravity.

"Stop!" She exclaimed. She wanted to check Homura's chakra.

"Let me see your hand"

"Uhh ok?" Homura was confused as to why his mom asked that.

Akira then grabbed his hand. She felt the chakra flow throughout his body. She made a solemn face.

She wasn't 100 percent sure but she had a feeling that his chakra was linked heavily to his vitality.

"Honey, could you use this chakra paper? I want to test something out."

Ding: Be careful in how you respond to her...

'Yeah I know. I have trust in her though.'

Homura grabbed the chakra paper. "How do I use this?"

"Just insert your chakra into it." Akira responded.

Homura inserted a portion of his chakra into the paper. It crumbled on one half and got wet on the other half.

Akira was flabbergasted. 'Can it be? Does he have that?'

"Honey, it turns out that you are a very special-"

She turned around suddenly, to which she flashed away.

Ding: This is urgent. We were most likely being spied on. She was distracted when she saw your chakra affinities. They must've had some concealing technique.

'Do I help?'

Ding: Do you want to die? Your not ready yet.

Homura ignored the system and ran off to his mom. "Damn gravity seals. I need to go faster!"

Ding: Sigh, just remove them by messing up a part of the seal. It's not hard.

'Thanks for understanding.'

Ding: Mhm

Homura then removed a brush stroke off the seal. "Woah! I feel so light! And this is only after 30 minutes of training!"

Ding: AHEM

'Oh that's right!'

Homura then ran as fast as he could. But he had no clue where his mom was. 'System could you help me out?'

Ding: I don't want you to risk your life, but then again, this is your mother. Turn until I say stop.

Homura turned in a clockwise direction.

Ding: Stop! Now run in that direction. Hopefully you can catch up. They are staying at one location.

'I gotta help mom. I'll have to use that.' Homura had a solemn look.

Homura was going as fast as he could while dodging the trees that blocked his path. 'Mom, please hold on until I get there!'

*With Akira*

Akira said with anger, "Who are you? Why are you spying on me!"

"You will know in due time."

Akira was filled with rage. "IM GOING TO KILL YOU!"

The unknown assailant smiled, "You can try."

Suddenly 3 fireballs came out of Akira's mouth. Then she flashed behind him to attempt to knock him out.

"You think a simple trick like that would work on me?"

He dodged the fireballs gracefully and then punched Akira in the stomach.

"Mom!" voice came out of nowhere.

The ninja tried looking to where the voice was, only to find out that that person was already at his face.

"Such speed!" He said, with an asontished look.

"But not good enough." He dodged Homura's sword strike with little difficulty, to which he responded with punching Homura in the face.

Akira looked on in worry. She had to do something. "Homura, I don't know how your that fast but let's work together!"