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Silver Walker, burned to death and sent into the MCU on his own behest, has received a new chance at life. Taking over the body of Pietro Maximoff, he plans to show the whole galaxy why exactly you should fear a speedster and add some meaning to his life. The unexpected affection towards his new twin sister wasn't something he expected, but at the same time isn't something he could ever hope to resist. ................................ This story is my take on what it would be like for someone to transmigrate into Pietro Maximoff, partly because I find his ending in the MCU a pity and partly because I am a great fan of his superpower. This story contains incestuous behaviour on the Protagonist's part, as the romantic interest is Wanda Maximoff. So be warned when you read it. There will also be very sexual language, so if you aren't of legal age, you probably shouldn't read this. Violence, death and action are inevitable whenever a story takes place in the MCU or the Marvel Universe, so you can expect a healthy amount that as well. The most important thing to remember though is, that if you are searching for a story with power struggles and face-slapping, you should turn around as you won't find that here. The MC of this story is a mature adult and has his priorities straight. Fighting without a chance of success is a fool's errand, as is taking unnecessary risks. For me this story depicts how a transmigrator should act on his advantages to survive and gain power in a place as dangerous as the MCU. There is no place for immature brats and reckless fools in such a world. If after all this you still want to read my story, I hope you enjoy it very much and leave behind a comment or review to let me know where I could improve or what I may have forgotten. I have no real update schedule, as this story is already finished and on my p@treon account. I will probably only upload it here occasionally, as this account isn't a priority of mine and just exists to stop others from stealing my intellectual property. (My p@treon-acc: www.p@treon.com/GodOfFreedom; Don't forget to change the @ for an a...) Last, but not least, I don't own anything but my own characters, as I do not own the cover image, which I found on the internet. If you are the creator and want me to take it down, just send me a message or leave a comment. Enjoy!

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Chapter 21 – A Force of Nature

[A/N: Short warning this is a slice of life chapter, though the action is right around the corner, as the Avengers plot isn't far off. Either way, enjoy the story!]

[2011 – July]

Two days later, Wanda and I were running around New York City doing some parkour.

Since Wanda had eaten the Heart-Shaped Herb her physique has reached the superhuman level, esepcially when it came to agility and reflexes department. And even her strength was nothing to scoff at.

This had not only made our spars much more worthwhile, but we also enjoyed other activities involving body coordination, stamina and agility together.

Parkour being one of our favorites. Chasing each other around the city, using any wall, sign, handrail and other obstacles as a tool to gain an advantage over the other. Of course I suppressed my speed and strength to be around her level, as I was easily half a dozen times stronger than her.

We often bet with each other, while doing some parkour and playing catch.

The winner was allowed to order around the loser for our nightly activities. And to be honest, losing didn't sound so bad, when the punishment only included being handcuffed to the bedpost, while Wanda straddled my hips and writhed on top of me like the manifestation of sensuality and lust itself.

Still, I was all about fair game, so I only cheated four out of five times with my Superspeed to speed up my thoughts and make a plan to lose believably.

Wanda, on the other hand, had long since become an anarchist and was rebelling against the system, cheating every time.

Funnily enough, she didn't use her telekinesis to speed herself up or slow me down, but to give me a boost. It seemed she had taken a liking to being tied up and ravished all night.

Normally that leveled the playing field, so both of us lost as much as we won. Which would be the exact same result if we didn't try to cheat, but who cared about that.

Still, that also meant that I had decided not to interfere with the happenings in that lovely small town in New Mexico, called Puente Antiguo. The exact city Thor was at the moment – mortal and as stupid as ever.

As you may have guessed, I am no fan of Thor. In my eyes, he was just an arrogant man-child with no real regard for human life.

The Asgaridan Prince despite his flowery words clearly saw humans as some kind of subhuman race, shown by his blatant disregard for their lives in comparison to his brother's noble heritage in the events of the first Avengers movie.

Truly, if Loki wasn't such an immature brat himself, I would very much like to see him on the throne of Asgard.

Sadly Odin had managed to mess up both his children and couldn't be bothered to educate them properly in the last fifteen hundred years. I suppose he was busy with watering the royal gardens or something equally tedious.

I certainly didn't plan to involve myself in their little brotherly squabble and I couldn't allow the timeline to change too much, because I very much needed Loki to bring the Mind Stone to Earth.

That along with the destruction of the Bifrost were definitely events I didn't want to prevent from happening.

I did however send SHIELD an untraceable message, that suggested they evacuate the small town for a few days. Though as SILVER reported, after hacking into some surveillance cameras in Puente Antiguo, they didn't take my advice to heart. Unfortunate, but I had done my part.

My own plans for the immediate future were rather simple, as they included finding a place to live somewhere in the city, construct some training equipment for my body conditioning and continuing my research project. For that I also planned to visit a very specific place in New Jersey in a few weeks.

Though I wasn't in a hurry with that, as I currently still had a lot to read up on to reverse engineer Stark's suit. Especially the repulsor nodes that gave the armor its flight and attack capabilities.

It would probably only take me two weeks to read up the rest of the literature I needed, to understand the technology of the suit and from there maybe another two to finish reverse engineer it.

Currently though I was just turning the corner and saw Wanda taking off and jumping over the subway entrance with a feline grace. Wearing nothing but some black leggings, one of my light-grey hoodies, a pair of burgundary colored shoes and her black face mask, that covered her face from her lower jaw to her nose, leaving her beautiful green eyes open and shining with excitement and joy.

Our little chases had gathered a lot of attention, especially because we both clearly had superhuman physiques, as indicated by not only our speed, but by the sheer distance we both could jump. So it was only smart to conceal our identities a bit.

She had gained a bit of distance on me through our run, but sadly for her, today I wanted to win – and I would.

Using a nearby street post to gain height and redirect myself, I pushed off it with my right foot. The muscles in my whole body moving in perfect coordination to maximise the power and momentum I gained.

Of all the physical attributes I had and suppressed for our chases, coordination and muscle control weren't part of them, and they were my greatest tools.

Wanda simply could not compare with me in those, as could probably no one else on Earth for that matter. Through my growth skill, they had improved since day one, as every body movement involved them in some form or measure.

My jump easily carried me several meters forward and the front flip I integrated into my movement mid-flight extended this distance even further, which allowed me to directly scale over the subway entrance in one leap.

The momentum of my landing didn't dissipate into the ground under my feet, as I directly used it to make another great front flip, while spinning around my own axis.

I landed directly before Wanda and just caught her in my embrace mid-run.

"Ahh!", she cried out in surprise.

Taking a moment to calm my breathing, I just stared into her enchanting eyes, while pressing my forehead against her. Nearly losing my myself in her deep and affection-filled gaze.

"Huh. I won. Huh.", I declared calmly, while panting slightly.

Taking several deep breaths, she answered while resting her hands on my chest.

"Yes, you did.", she said with a raspy undertone, clearly not minding her loss, as her eyes shined with sensual anticipation.

It was evening in New York and while the city truly never slept, that meant a bit less people on the streets, which suited our needs just fine. There were still people around though, a few of them even had their phones out, taking pictures and filming our little race. We didn't care much about those and just shared a moment of rest, before we began our light jog back home.

For the time being, we had rented an apartment in Brooklyn. On our way back we took a short cut through an alley, where I grabbed Wanda in a princess carry and used my Superspeed to arrive back there in only a few seconds.

A while later Wanda found herself sitting face to face in her brother's lap, both of them nude and a light sheen of sweat making their skin glisten in the moonlight, that found itself into the room through the large glass facade.

Her hands were bound behind her back with a silk shawl, while her feet were bound behind her brother's back.

One of Pietro's hand was resting on her back, pressing her chest into his his. His other hand though was placed one her behind, slowly grinding her lower body into his. The two of them already joined with their sexes.

Breathing heavily and moaning quietly with every movement of her hips, Wanda's head rested on her brother's shoulder near the side of his neck. Suddenly she felt his hand wandering from her back to her neck and then the back of her head, before burying itself into her long hair.

As her brother pulled her hair back, her head also fell back, while she let out a hissing moan.

Wanda loved it when he was a bit rougher, not because she got aroused by pain. But because it showed her, who was in control of this encounter.

Being bound up and vulnerable was an incredible experience, as it gave her the chance to just let go. She didn't have to be in control right now, she didn't want to be. Wanda didn't have to be strong or confident right now, she didn't have to be anything right now. Nothing, but her brother's object of desire.

Wanda knew that she could never be that vulnerable with anyone else, but her love. The trust she had in him was even greater than the one she had in herself, and in no other moment she could feel it as clearly as now. There was not a grain of fear in her, as she was at Pietro's mercy. Knowing that even in his worst moments, he would rather hurt himself than her.

As Pietro pulled her in for a deep and rough kiss, practically plundering her mouth, she just gave him everthing she could give him.

Feeling his member pulsing inside her, she knew that he wasn't far from climaxing. Her own orgasm also approaching with lightspeed. And as she felt him shoot his seed inside her, her nerve endings practically started a firework and nearly drowning her in pleasure. The only safe haven her mind had from being completely consumed by the bliss that filled every fiber of her body, was her mental bond to her brother.

Clinging to it with all her remaining focus, her mind was flooded with the love Pietro had for her. His love was like a force of nature and it overwhelmed her senses completely.

At the end, she had to let go completely, no conscious thought in her mind anymore.

Wanda didn't know how long it took, for her to regain a bit of control over her mental faculties, but as she slowly opened her eyes, she found herself in the tight embrace of her lover. Her head resting on Pietro's chest, as his left hand slowly brushed over the skin on her back, while they laid on their side. Her brother's feet were entangled with her own.

Still recalling the storm of absolute devotion and love coming from her brother through their bond, she couldn't help but shed silent tears of joy. Something she did nearly everytime she felt his emotions with such clarity and force. Knowing he loved her so much, felt almost surreal to her.

"P-Pietro...?", Wanda whispered haltingly, while nestling deeper into his chest.

"Shh. I know, my love. I know.", her soulmate whispered back quietly, while his fingers gently wiped away her tears.

With the safety of his embrace and his warm presence blanketing her, Wanda slowly closed her eyes and fell into a deep relaxing sleep.

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This story is already finished and on my p@treon account. I will probably only upload it here occasionally, as this account isn't a priority of mine and just exists to stop others from stealing my intellectual property.

(My p@treon-acc: www.p@treon.com/GodOfFreedom; Don't forget to change the @ for an a...)

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