17 Chapter 17

When the captain said that this place would be filled with the sick and the disabled, I never thought that it would be this bad. The ship stopped inside the sea cave in the southern part of the island. It looks like the Thousand Hands Guild has a base here, but it was also filled with the sick and the disabled.

"As you can see, Healer. The life in this place is not good, but it was the perfect place to hide from the Stag King and his army."

"Call the sick here. I will take fifty of them for today and a hundred the next."

"Pardon me?"

"Gather the sick, fifty of them. I will heal them all."

I can see the captain that the leader of this base looks at me with a shocked expression, well, more of this base's leader than the captain. The captain was only shocked for a few seconds before nodding his head.

"Of course, Healer. We will gather the sick. However, can I ask about the disabled?"

"In two days. For now, I will heal the sickness first before regenerating their limbs."

"Of course, healer."

I did not want to stay inside a place filled with disease. I did not want my little sister to get sick. I don't want to make the people I just healed get sick once again. Also…I need to clean this place.



|Lorio - Captain of Viserys' Ship|

"Lorio, can he really heal us?"

I look at my old friend and smile a little.

"Aye. You did not need to worry, Bakir. He can and will heal them. The letter I sent to you is not a lie. He is truly a healer that can heal even the most severe injury."

"I see. I guess there is nothing wrong with having some hope. After a few years of staying in this place, I almost lost hope."

"Never let go of that hope, old friend. It looks like the guild finally finds the lord that we can serve."

"Truly? Do you think he can lead us? Be a just leader and look at his people even to the lowliest smallfolk?"

"Aye. I'm positive that he is the one that our guild is waiting for."

Thousand Hands Guild needs a leader that can help them succeed in helping the Smallfolk. A leader that stands in the light while we help them from the dark. We have been walking in darkness for too long for us to stand in the light.

We will be the darkness that ensures that Viserys will shine brightly. We will be the night sky while he is the moon that shines brightly.

"Anyway, we should gather the sick as the Healer told us to do."

"Aye. Follow me."

As we walk together, Bakir looks at me before saying.

"I know that I should not say this but are you sure we should get fifty of them? He just arrived here, and he has yet to rest."

"I know, Bakir. I know. I want to tell him the exact same thing, but I cannot reject his order when my eyes see his determination."

I look at Bakir and say.

"You feel the same way, right?"

I can see him nodding his head and releasing a sigh.

"Aye. I can see his seriousness and decide to obey him. Even when I did not know him, I felt like I should trust him. It was his eyes. His eyes are the ones that make me willing to trust him and obey his order."

Yeah, I know what he is saying. Viserys' eyes are burning with passion, kindness and determination that make my body move on its own at his order. I guess that is why we, the Thousand Hands Guild, are willing to follow him.

His kindness opens the path to understanding. His passion makes people want to follow him. His determination makes people want to serve him.

I have met the Targaryen in the past, and I must say that I'm disappointed. The former king and former prince have something in common, madness. I can see it inside their eyes, the madness that slowly consumes the prince and how it was already devouring the king.

Viserys, on the other hand, did not have any hint of madness inside of him. The only thing I can see inside of him is a determination to make a better future.

I cannot wait for that future to come true.


|Belaro - Former Sealord of Braavos|

When did it go wrong?

"Search for him! Get that slaver!"

I quickly hide behind a large box near the dock and see a horde of angry people pass me. The Thousand Hands Guild decided to spread my little secret. I don't know how they manage to get my plan for them, but before the people from Westeros arrive, my secret is spread out throughout Braavos.

After seeing there was no one around, I quickly ran toward my private ship that was ready to sail to Myr.

"Where do you think you want to go?"

Before I could run, a hand grabbed my hair and pulled me back. As my eyes look up, I can see a familiar looking face. It was Biam, the leader of the Thousand Hands Guild.

"You! It was because of you! You bastard made me like this! You bastard! I will make sure your life is miserable!"

"If only you heed our warning and ignore us alone, you will stay in power. But now, you are nothing but a criminal."

Before I could say anything, I could feel a pain coming from my neck, and the last thing I could see was Biam's frowning face.


|3rd POV|

The citizens of Braavos looked at the corpse hanging in front of the Sealord's Palace; it was the corpse of Belaro, the former Sealord.

After Biam gives him to the City Watch, Belaro starts to get tortured in public for his crime while his family watches him while they are inside a cage. His family is screaming something about how unfair the magister is, but their opinion is invalid in the eyes of the Braavosi.

Belaro and his family owned a group of slaves. That is the highest crime you could ever commit in Braavos.

After getting tortured, Belaro gets hanged, and his family is also hanged after each of their fingers gets chopped off their hands.

After executing Belaro and his family, the magister appointed Ferrego Antaryon as the new Sealord. In the original timeline, Belaro and his family manage to get away and stay in Myr for the rest of their life. They even have a successful slave trading company.

Sadly for him, this is not the original timeline.

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