Author's Note

Hello, everybody!!

SmilingTiger here.

Well, to begin with I'd like to welcome you to my very first written novel. ^^

For the one's who took the time to read the time to read the synopsis. Thank you. For everybody else who didn't or has any doubts here it goes again...

The MC is not reincarnated/isekaied or has a system meaning that its a 15 year old kid with adolescent + hero related problems that's learning the ropes as he goes (When Yuuei starts). No old man in a kid's skin. That means lots of errors and the likes. That relates how the MC will develop his life and his relationships with his friends, teachers and eventually his lovers/love interests

The MC will be very much a casanova or try to be at the beginning, it will get better as chapters go. I'm not necessarily opposed to having one main female lead and the rest as side-female leads but I think the MC will have to decide what he wants from his women and understand what they want/expect/tolerate from him.

As I'm trying to actually write a story with character development so there will be plenty of drama + action.

English is not my first language but I'm actually pretty good at it. Main problems could come from maybe being too descriptive/continuity errors/editing errors and the like. More related to how to build the actual story than how to properly use english vocabulary. Still, if I make a mistake feel free to correct me in the comment section.

I will try to keep the chapter count at and around 2000 characters or more. I'm also a working man so I will update the story as my work and personal life allows me but trust me when I say this sh*t will get finished...eventually.

Oh, I almost forgot, expect plenty of cursing and maybe some bits of gore here and there. I'm not a big fan of gore or torture just for the sake of it but if it adds "realism" to a scene why not?

I've been around webnovel enough to know that there's a lot of guys that feel uncomfortable with NTR/netori/cheating. I'm not actually sure about what are the specifics of each one but at least the MC may/may not be cheated on during the course of the story.

Face it guys, people cheat all the time and society expects it/accepts it to a degree. Seriously, try to tell a woman you are seeing two other women at the same time openly vs tell her you are cheating on her. Most women would rather get cheated on and not know than to openly accept that his man has more than one partner. Goes both ways for men and women. So that's my perspective on that subject.

I WILL NOT. REPEAT. I WILL NOT write about r*pe or hardcore-s*xual abuse. Maybe an attempt to just to drive the point of a bad character but it won't likely come to that, there are easier ways to make villain scumy. Still, food for thought. And no inc*st for you guys, if you are into that you will have to find some other novel. There will be plenty of s*x scenes and hot-n-heavy action for those who like it.

So, I think that's it for the introduction of the story. If you read the whole rambling again, I thank you. If you enjoy my story please don't forget to give me stones or whatever. I'm still figuring how webnovel work. I also don't know the whole censoring stuff, so if any of you wants to explain it to me I will thank you, again. A p*treon will be made for this particular and handsome author (me) and if you like my story and would like it to be updated more help me out plz (pretty please). I will still finish the story but any help is well received.

So, without further ado...

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