2 2. Dad's Home

-Stupid psycho explosion boy, I'ma kick his ass… I will have my revenge! – exclaimed a little kid pumping his little fists toward the sky making a superhero pose.

The sun was already starting to set over the horizon painting the streets in an orange hue. Along one of those a small kid grumbled under his breath and dragging his tired feet towards his house.

-But, hey… I just made a new friend… - said the little kid putting his hands behind his head and flashing a big toothed smile with a couple of black spaces where teeth were supposed to be.

"He doesn't have a quirk like me… and he still helped me… what gives?" -mused Lucien

Reaching the front of his house the kid started banging on the door yelling for his mother

-Maaaa!! Open upp!!! I'm hoomee!!- yelled the little kid

-Hello, little Lucien, as energetic as always, I see- Lucien heard a voice say from his right

-Oh, hello Mrs. Doubtfire, how are you doing? -replied Lucien with a smile towards the kind old lady that lived right next door to his family.

Mrs. Doubtfire was the stereotypical old lady, she had been neighbors with his family since before Lucien was born, she had to use a walker and smelled funny since she was over a thousand years in Lucien's mind but she made great chocolate chip cookies so it was all good as far as Lucien was concerned.

-I see you are covered in dirt yet again, little Lucien. What will your mother say this time, I wonder?- said the old grandma with a small smile and eyes that hadn't opened since the Quirk era came about (that was his friends in the street used to say).

Hearing the comment of Mrs. Doubtfire sent shivers down Lucien's spine

"Oh, cr*p! I had forgotten about that!" exclaimed our young MC in his mind.

Just as Lucien was hit with the realization that he was in serious trouble the door to his house opened revealing a pretty young lady with silver hair and a nasty scowl on her face

-How many times have I told you to ring the bell, Lucien?! How many—

The yelling of his mother stopped for a second as she regarded her little boy all covered in bruises. The brand new clothes that she had just bought for him last week where teared up, small burns here and there and marks of dirty sneakers imprinted on the fabric.

Lucien was trembling in fear knowing just what kind of reaction his mother would make when he saw him.

-LUCIEN ADALWOLF BLACK! I told you last time! NO MORE DIRTY CLOTHES! Come here young man!! -roared his mother to the frozen Lucien while grabbing him by the scruff of his neck and his belt and threw him flying into the house *BAM*

-Oh, my Miranda, so full of spirit as always- said Mrs. Doubtfire towards Lucien's mom

-Mrs. Doubtfire! I didn't see you standing there!- replied Miranda making an embarrassed face with sweat rolling down her forehead at the fact that her neighbor had just seen her screaming to her clutz of a son.

-This kid is gonna make me have white hair with all his antics- she said talking to her neighbor and letting out a sigh

For a second, the seemingly non-existent eyes of Mrs. Doubtfire twitched while looking at her younger neighbor's long silver hair.

It was no secret that every woman in the block was envious of her long silver hair and curvy body. And they should be, just as every woman in the block wanted to look like her every man wanted to be with her, married ones included. The only problem with this next-door-sexy-mother type was her explosive personality and her husband.

-Just little kids doing little kid stuff- replied Mrs. Doubtfire thinking back to her youth days… Ah, she used to be a beauty too…

-Yeah, I'm just- started to reply Miranda

-Maa! There's no hot water left!! -screamed Lucien from inside the house

Tick marks appeared on Miranda's face. Controlling her temper she said to the old lady, straining a smile.

-I will be going now, Mrs. Doubtfire, have a nice evening- Miranda turned around and slammed the door not letting her neighbor reply

-Shut it, young man! And get into the shower RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!- was heard from inside the house

-Ah, youth…- said the old lady to no one in particular as she kept her wobbly pace towards the convenience store just around the corner

A couple of minutes later, in the bathroom. Miranda was scrubbing her son's silver hair, like hers, helping him wash away all the dirt that accumulated during his escapades. Lucien was sitting inside the tub while telling his mother about his day.

-I made a new friend, mom! - -Really?- -Yeah, he helped me fight of some bullies who were harassing me…-

For an instant Miranda's eyes started to swell up thinking about her son's problem. He had no quirk. Her baby boy, the light of her eyes was quirkless. Pushing down the tears and keeping her voice from cracking up as best as she could:

-Yeah! And he's quirkless like me!- -Mmhm-

-He helped me when I was being cornered and then I helped him up when they started beating him up too! You should have seen me, mom! I even sent one of them flying with a punch! It was awesome!! -continued the excited boy, not paying attention to the fact that her mother had stopped scrubbing and was letting tears behind his back.

Miranda hugged her son from the back while trying to keep her tears and trembling to a minimum.

-Are you alright, mom? Asked Lucien when she felt her hug, it felt weird.

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-Y-yes, baby. Mom's just p-proud of you- replied Miranda, not letting her son turn around and see her cry. -H-how about I make you your favorite food, eh? Would you like that?

-Yeah, mom! You are the best! -said Lucien turning around and hugging back his mother hard

-Alright, Lucien, finish up your bath and come downstairs for dinner, ok? Your dad's coming home tonight. So, be a good little man and be ready, yes? -said Miranda standing up with her back to her son

-Dad's coming home?! Wooh!! No problem, mom- said Lucien with a smile

As his mother closed the bathroom's door Lucien's smile disappeared and he let out a sigh.

He knew. Lucien knew just how sad her mother was whenever she heard he was being bullied. That was the main reason why Lucien always did his best to rile her up, to not let her feel that her son was a loser, to not let himself feel that way, too. Lucien may be many things but a dummy he was not.

"Alright, can't be feeling down, right now. Dad's coming home tonight" thought Lucien while prepping himself up for his father's visit.

A while later, Miranda was cooking up her husband's and son's favorite dinner: scrambled eggs with bacon, pancakes and a coke float (coke with ice cream) when she heard the front door of the house open:

-Honey, I'm home! –spoke a deep, raspy voice

Quickly turning off the stove so that nothing burned up she went running towards the source of the voice.

Dark gray hair, tall, built like a brick house, square jaw filled with a well-trimmed beard with wolf ears on top of his head the same color as his hair and a wolf's tail that was waggling showing his excitement despite the stoic look on his face.

-Hubby! -Miranda leaped into his arms and hugged him as hard as she possibly could eliciting creaking sounds from her husband thanks to her quirk.

-Hmph, I see you are excited, eh baby? -said Marcus, Miranda's husband and Lucien's dad.

-Yes, hubby, I missed you too much- replied Miranda with looking up with puppy, teary eyes. Different from her tears with Lucien this were tears of joy. The stoic Marcus immediately melted watching the love of his life making puppy eyes.

-Very well, love, let me show you how much I missed you -said Marcus with a teasing smile pulling his wife up from her thighs and holding her in the air with one hand on her ass and another on her hair.

-Ohh, Marcus, stop! Lucien's still-

-Hmph! Miranda's complaints were silenced when her husband picked her up and immediately started making out with her while she was being held up in the air. Red from embarrassment, excitement and lust Miranda allowed her husband's tongue inside her mouth to explore every nook and cranny of it. Clasping both white thighs around Marcus's strong back and her arms around his neck she let herself be pampered.

The red dress she had changed into in preparation for his return was pulled up and Marcus's hand started roaming around her ass, grabbing black her panties and making her unbelievably wet. Marcus and her were lost in their reunion bliss seemingly having forgotten that their six-year-old son was still in the house.

-Dad, you're –yelled Lucien while coming down the stairs, but when he saw his parents going at it in front of the door…

-Bleeeurhg!!- was all that Lucien could say turning his back to his parents and gagging trying not to look at to the pair of horndogs that were his parents

Miranda, having listened to her son's entrance and subsequent reaction was startled and let go of her husband's back, almost falling to the floor because of that. Thankfully, Marcus was very quick with his hands and caught his wife again and let her down easy with her black high-heeled feet on the floor.

-Do you have to do that every time you come home, dad!? -yelled Lucien towards his parents.

Marcus was still standing right at the entrance of the door, his black suit and tie a little cramped and the briefcase he always carried with him still at his side with a blushing Miranda quickly trying to rearrange her pulled up dress and not allow her panties to be seen while panting a little from excitement.

-Hahah – Marcus's laugh was deep and powerful and seemed to resonate in every corner of the house and into his son's ears -Come here, boy. Give your old man a hug! -he said with his gruff voice while taking a knee and opening his arms towards his son.

Lucien's eyes sparkled and he immediately sprinted towards his father's opened arms looking like a silver cannonball -DAAAAD!!!- *Pam* The boy fully launched himself in the air and was caught by his father who twirled him around the room with evident glee, his tail waggling all around expressing as much happiness as his son's smile.

-I missed you both- the man said to his family while holding them both in a tight hug

-D-dad! I can't breath!- said Lucien having been caught between his father's broad chest in front and his mom's boobs at his back

-Now, now Lucien, that is no way to salute your father, you know? -said Miranda in giggles while pressing her son between her and her husband, very much aware that Lucien was getting redder by the second.

At last, they released Lucien just before he was going to pass out and he fell to the floor gasping. Giggling, his mother embraced his father and gave him another deep kiss

-Welcome home- she said with a smile

-I'm glad to be back -answered Marcus looking at his lovely wife and smiling at his gasping son rolling in the floor still red and gasping.

-Dinner is ready, are you hungry? -I'm famished- -Good- said Miranda smiling while looking at Marcus's eyes and yet, he could she that there was something she wanted to tell him behind her smile.

"This is gonna be a long night, isn't it?'' thought Marcus to himself while holding his wife..