1 1. The kid with a toothy smile

I know that people are not created equal, at the tender age of four I discovered what society was really like…


-Hey, Guys! Look at this freak, he doesn't even have a quirk!- said a little boy with a cap and weirdly long fingers.

-Oh, man! He's a just a quirkless loser! Hahahahah -said a fat boy with devil wings on his back.

-Hey guys, I'm in the mood to play "Heroes and Villains"… and I think I just know who the villain this time is going to be… -sinisterly said a young boy with spiky hair and a twisted smile while looking down on a kid.

The kid in question was sitting on the ground covered in bruises and dirt looking up at the three boys who had been harassing him for seemingly no reason. His name was Lucien.

"Why? Why are they doing this to me?" thought the little boy while trying to scape from this group of bullies

"Why won't they leave me alone? I haven't done anything to them!"

Lucien managed to get up and start running without looking back

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom*

-Hahahaha! Run little villain, Run! The heroes are coming to get you! -yelled the leader of the pack, the same spiky hair kid that started the whole mess. Explosions kept erupting from his fists as he followed, sending shivers down Lucien's spine.

-Huff, huff, huff – Lucian ran without looking where he was going. He just wanted a place to hide from this crazy kids. In his hurry he didn't look where he was going and managed to trip and fell with some rocks that were laying around.

-Waaahhh!- exclaimed Lucian as he once again hit the dirt.

*thump* *thump* *thump* Lucien's heart was beating like it wanted to come out of his chest when he looked back and realized that his bullies where about to catch him, yet again…

"S-some-bo-dy… P-p-lease, h-help!" was all that Lucien managed to think while waiting for them to start stomping him again. Tears running down his face.

At that moment, from the bushes behind him yet another kid came running towards him but this one stood up in from of him confronting the gang.

-Stop it Kacchan…! -Exclaimed the new boy- Look! You made him cry…! I won't let you HURT HIM ANY-MORE!

Standing in front of Lucien, this little boy's legs and knees where rattling so much it sounded like maracas and yet… he stood tall, fists balled up to defend somebody he didn't even know.

For the first time since this whole event started Lucien saw hope that somebody would help protect him. A hero had come to save him!

-You? Playing at "Hero", Deku?! – said spiky explosion hair -YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE A "QUIRK"!

From the floor where Lucian was he went from heaven to hell. Sweat started to roll down his back, again.

"He doesn't have a quirk?! HE DOESN'T HAVE A QUIRK!??" thought Lucien dumbfounded

-Very well, DEKU! -spoke menacingly explosion hair -You will be another villain for us… Get them boys! -yelled "Kacchan" to his minions while making blast with his fists.

Him and his gang started to stomp Deku instead of Lucien who was frozen on the ground watching his "Hero" getting pounded into the floor just like he was just a few minutes ago.

While his supposed "Hero" was getting trashed Lucien looked around for a way to escape from the situation. Lucian started to crawl away while they were distracted with "Deku".

*Boom* -Ahh!- *Boom* -Ahh! *Boom* -Wah!-

Having crawled some 10 feet from the scene of the trashing Lucian watched as the kids who were bullying him just a few moments ago had turned his attention towards someone else and felt the pit of his stomach in his throat. Sweat dripping from his hands, dust all over his body, tears ready to fall down his eyes looking between the poor kid who defended him, the kids who abused him and the safety of the bushes, freedom from this madness.

"I should just run! Right!?" "He doesn't have a quirk'' ''But, he helped me… I need to help him!" "But I also don't have a quirk" "Why would he help me if he can't help himself?!" thought Lucien while being frozen in a seemingly impossible decision.

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Puaahh!!*

"Deku" rolled in the ground covered bruises, shoe marks, soot and dirt.

-HAHAHAHA! You are pathetic Deku! -explosion head kept going – You are never going to be a hero! Look guys, I'm going to kill the villain! -proclaimed "Kacchan" while making small explosions in his hands

-Beat the villains, Bakugou! Beat them up! -seconded his little clique of miscreants

From the floor in the same position he was just a while ago Deku looked around for help with tears in his eyes and managed to cross eyes with Lucian who was still frozen in indecision.

The tearful eyes of Deku who so desperately pleaded for anyone to help him reminded the young Lucien of the feeling of despair he felt not too long ago. Balling his shaking fists and doing his best to keep his tears from falling, keeping the huge fear at bay he felt for confronting his tormentors once again he stood up from the floor from where he was crawling away and ran full sprint towards "Kacchan" who was ready to deliver the "finishing touches" to Deku.

Pulling every ounce of strength he could into his little fists he sucker punched spiky hair from behind while yelling:

-S-stop attacking innocent people! You ho-rrible monster!! *Whack*

Spiky explosion hair flew into the air a couple of feet not having expected anybody to sucker punch him or to help the "useless" Deku. *Poof* As "Kacchan" hit the ground and rolled Deku looked up full of tears and snot at Lucien who still had his fist stretch out and was panting heavily. Lucian turned to Deku and said: RUUUN!!!

Lucien turned around and bolted as fast as he could towards the end of the park.

Deku barely had the time to wrap his mind around what just had happened when he started hearing noises at his back…

*Boom* *BooM* BOOM* "Kacchan" was getting up with the meanest look Deku had ever seen. Turning around to run and follow the guy who just saved him, Deku ran like he never had before while his tears and snot were flying all around.

-COME BACK HERE DEKU!!! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!! -roared Bakugou

"Why me!?" was the only think Deku managed to think while he continued to bolt


-hah, hah, hah- Deku ran in between the trees while panting, looking for the person he saved and in turn saved him and not managing to find anybody. Fear kept creeping from behind him knowing that Bakugou was gonna catch up soon from behind.

Suddenly from some bushes a small hand launched, grabbed the back of Deku's shirt and pulled him into the shadows all while the sound of his chasers kept coming closer.

Deku was ready to scream his heart out when the same small hand closed around his mouth and silenced him. Deku turned around to see the kid became the center of this mess along with him looking at him with a finger over his lips making a -shh- sign.

Just moments later Bakugou passed in front of them fuming and making explosions all the while.

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom -COME HERE DEKU!! YOU ARE DEAD MEAT WHEN I CATCH YOU, YOU HEAR ME!?!?!- the loud Bakugou continued roaring and exploding everything he could while he and his goons started to get farther away.

Deku felt the hand that was clamped around his face relax and he himself left the breath he was holding loose with a big sigh and fell to the ground scared out of his mind.

-hah, hah, hah- trying to catch his breath after the adrenaline came down Deku looked around the bushes he was hiding in and saw his savior resting his back against a tree and trying to calm himself down.

"What the hell was I thinking back then!?" thought Lucien as his legs gave out from underneath and thumped his back against a tree thinking back to what he had just done. He had never been so scared in his short life. His fist still hurt from when he had sucker punched the asshole that had been bullying him and this new guy who he still didn't know his name. Thinking back to that moment he had to admit that it felt good when he sucker punch him.

Looking around he caught eyes with Deku and for a long uncomfortable moment nobody said anything. A few seconds later both of them started laughing uncontrollably letting out the nervousness of the whole situation.

-Th-thanks for saving me back then- said Lucien while trying to get his nerves under control

-S-same h-here- replied Deku, still shaking

-I'm Lucien- -Midoriya- -hah,hah,hah- both kids continued laying around and trying to calm down

-You are not Deku?- asked Lucian while raising an eyebrow

-N-no, t-that's a Nickname that Kacchan gave me- replied Midoriya while scratching the back of his head and looking at the ground

-Kacchan? You mean explosion spycho boy? You two know each other? -asked Lucian while looking at the foilage of the trees while thinking:

"The first time I get the chance I'm going to kick his ass"

-Y-yeah, we are friends - said Midoriya

Lucien looked at Midoriya with question marks going all around him

-You are friends with that bully?-

Midoriya looked around trying to evade Lucien's eyes and focused on the ground while letting a sigh -He-he wasn't always a bully, h-he was…is my friend-

Lucien looked at the other boy puzzled -Alright, if you say so…"

For a moment none of them said nothing until Lucian asked tentatively:

-Sooo… you don't have a quirk?

Midoriya flinched at the question and tears started pooling around his eyes. Lucien saw it and hurriedly said:

-Hey, hey it's alright, don't cry- while waving his hands around- I-I also d-don't have a quirk…-

Midoriya snapped his head around towards Lucien with incredulity. In this day and age people that don't have quirks, such as himself, are extremely rare.

-R-really??- Asked Midoriya -Yeah- replied Lucien while looking down.

Both of them kept silence.

-So… wanna be friends? -asked Lucien while stretching a hand and making a big toothed smile to Midoriya

Midoriya looked up to Lucien's smile that was missing a few teeth and clasped hands with him -Yeah- said the teary eyed Deku.


That was the beginning of my adventure…

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