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Silent Hill: The Meeting


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"Who wants to be nice? Who can tame me? You say I’m Sin Incarnate, I’ve tried to be sweet and I’ve tried to be kind. I’ve never been so free. I don’t desire to be tamed by you, Christabella, I feel much better being out of my mind, seeing the fear on your face gives me thrills. At least I am original. The true king of Love, war, and mind control has arrived. Let’s bring on the darkness, ladies, and gentlemen." Vega laughs, holding the air-raid siren in his hand, throwing it at the feet of Christabella. The two stare at one another. “You poor delusional boy. I had taken you in and called you my son. You would never kill your mother.” “Poor boy, hardly. I've embraced the darkness, I've been reborn. however, call me crazy, or call me insane. But you have been nothing but a thorn in my side. You’re stuck in the past. While I’m not only ahead of the game, but I am the true orchestrator of this game. Your day of judgment has come for what you have done to my mother and Annette, and I will tear you apart limb from limb!” Vega laughs spreading his arms. then skip laps around Christabella who turn around watching, her heart beating in her chest.


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