1 The Silence is Deafening....

The sky was dark and rain was filling the holes in the ground as Xander sat on a rock peering out into the endless sea the moonlight reflecting off of the water. He thought of better times when he was with his family playing games at the dinner table every Sunday night. though the rain was filling in the silence made by the island he was left to his own thoughts which were louder than the soft rain dancing across the water. The Silence was truly Deafening as his thoughts caused him to forget about his predicament. He was truly alone on this island the only thing to keep him company was the solitary light emanating off the Moon. He drifted to sleep slowly embracing his new reality.

When he awoke the next day. He could hear the birds singing reminding him of a song he used to know it was Sad but in his heart it made all the sense in the world to him now. When left truly alone he could realizes the pain he had bottled up in his heart every beat was a message to him one of regret, one of sadness , and one of deep remorse. He had to try his best to survive on this Silent Island But the more Silent it is he finds that it gets harder for him to keep himself together.

He started to gather leaves and sticks to make some shelter and a fire. he started off by making a fire. he rubbed the two sticks together with some dry leaves 3 minutes passed before he got a fire going. But when the flame lit there was no sound. He was so used to using a lighter to light a fire. he shook his head and continued on. he made a small shelter that took him all day to make and he forgot about food. he saw a coconut and smashed it open on a rock and the sound it made was refreshing enough to him. he opened it and saw the fresh water and flesh of the coconut.

He drank the water and roasted the coconut over the fire. he ate the now roasted coconut and the taste reminded him of his family again how they would share stories and talk about politics and get into fights at the dinner table. But with none to talk to on this Island he wont ever experience that again and he fell asleep with tears and the sound of the fire crackling,