22 The Storm is Coming

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"Hmph, we lords are doing fine. If he doesn't provoke us, so what if we let him continue to be the king? But he insists on taking back our territory. If he doesn't die, there's simply no justice."

Another man with a sinister look shook his head and said, his tone full of malice, "Alright, third brother is dead for sure. There's not much suspense in the upcoming war. But, who should inherit the throne next?"

A man dressed in battle armor with a rough appearance said, "Sixth brother, What's the rush? The throne is right there."

The man in white who spoke was handsome and looked very similar to the king. This was because he and the king were twins. Unfortunately, they had fallen out because of the throne.

"Also, I have a strange feeling that he won't be poisoned to death so easily."

He frowned slightly.

Perhaps the twins had a telepathic connection, and although the news of the king being poisoned was absolutely true, he still felt that there was something wrong.

"No one in middle-earth can deal with the fog temple's poison magic. Even if he's not dead now, he's still relying on those old mages to keep him alive."

"Fourth, do you think that the great wizard Snake God is still alive? He's been in seclusion for more than fifty years, and his terrifying corpse has already turned into white bones."

"That's right. If that damned Moseley was still alive, the five transcending powers wouldn't have supported us so strongly."

The other lords all laughed.

They were extremely disdainful of fourth brother's worry. Moreover, because fourth brother and the king were twins, the four lords were against him. It was just that fourth brother's influence was the strongest.

Especially the Divine Hall. The Holy Concubine had already gotten engaged to him.

Fourth brother glanced at the four of them and said indifferently, "I hope I'm overthinking."

If the news of the king being poisoned and unconscious was false, the meaning behind it would be terrifying. The situation outside was constantly changing and becoming more and more intense.


However, the library was very quiet.

Lei Luo was holding a book and lying on a chair. He was basking in the sun as he narrowed his eyes and started reading.

Suddenly, he put down the book and sighed.

Sigh, once I get emotional, I really can't calm down.

He didn't care about the troublesome matters outside, but he would still think about them, causing him to be unable to continue reading the book in his hand.

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It seems that my seventeen years of cultivating is still far from enough.

He shook his head. After reaching the realm of an ultimate mage, what one pursued was not only the strength of magic power, but also the tempering of one's state of mind.

He clearly felt that his cultivation had stagnated recently.

He must have been disturbed by the troubles in the outside world.

Forget it, it's better to settle these matters as soon as possible, so as to avoid affecting my cultivation.

Lei Luo finally made a decision.

If the current situation continued to develop, it was likely that it would lead to a particularly long and protracted battle.

If the kingdom didn't remain calm, his days in the library would definitely be affected. This wouldn't work. The best way was to resolve this would be to eliminate the cause of the trouble.

At that moment, a student who ran errands jogged over.

"Senior, the Combat Department has issued a summoning order. All students from the miscellaneous departments must head to the square. If they don't go, they will be punished."

Lei Luo had been in the academy for eighteen years. Moreover, he had received the king's attention. Even the king's favorite Prince and Princess had a good relationship with him.

Although he was just a student in the library, no mage dared to offend him and he had long been used to being addressed as senior.

"Tony, do you know what it is?" Lei Luo asked.

He usually interacted with these little fellows.

From their joy, anger, and sorrow, he realized something that ordinary people could not understand. In his eyes, everyone was the same. There was no nobility or inferiority.

Even if it were a king, a general, a minister, or a peerless powerhouse, he would still treat everyone in the same way.

Usually, in the library, he would not think to pay attention to the matters of the magic academy.

That would be too tiring because he would receive a large amount of information at every moment.

He was too lazy to do it unless it was absolutely necessary.

Quietly staying in the library to read books and practicing magic was what he loved to do the most.

"Senior, you have been in the library the whole time. You definitely don't know what is happening outside. There are rumors in the palace right now that His Majesty has been poisoned and is in a coma. The lords' rebel army is about to approach the capital. Therefore, the tutors have started to organize combat training for the students to prepare for a big battle that could happen at any time."

Tony looked around and said in a low voice, "Senior, you can't tell anyone about this. Otherwise, I will be executed!"

"Don't worry, I will keep my mouth shut."

Lei Luo laughed.

After Tony left, Lei Luo shook his head. This king was really torturous. He had clearly cured him, yet he still spread the rumor that he had been poisoned and was in a coma.

It seems that our king is planning to scheme against someone.

Lei Luo was extremely high-level, so how could he not see the plan?

Since that's the case, let's see what tricks this king comes up with.

In any case, there was no rush. If the situation was beyond the king's control, it would not be too late for him to make a move.

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