16 The Kingdom’s upheaval

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In the end, after the deaths of the previous two presidents, he took over the responsibility of protecting the kingdom and became the President of the Hiro Magic Academy.

At the same time, he became the king's trusted minister.

"Your Majesty, I'm afraid that this matter can't be done. It's too dangerous to weaken the power of the suzerains. If one of them were to be harmed, the suzerains would definitely retaliate. If they wanted to weaken the suzerains, they would definitely rebel. The current Faroe kingdom can not suffer such turmoil anymore!"

After hearing the king's words, Yuansen's expression changed drastically. He immediately knelt on the ground and tried to persuade the king.

How could he not know the disadvantages of those suzerains? The king's current situation seemed stable, but in reality, there were forces both inside and outside watching him.

Once the kingdom fell into chaos, it was hard to imagine what kind of disaster it would be.

"Why not?"? Since I inherited the throne for ten years, I have been careful and cautious. I did not dare to relax even a little. I balanced all the forces, afraid that even the slightest mistake would occur. The Faroe Kingdom, which seems to be peaceful and stable, has already been unable to bear the burden in secret. The lives of the people are difficult."

The king suddenly stood up. His eyes flickered with light as he let out an extremely deep and depressing voice, "The Faroe Kingdom is now like a patient who is about to die from illness. Since there is no time to slowly recuperate, then we will only use the medicine that has a strong effect to treat it. Either we cure the serious illness and revive, or we will perish!"

Ten years of hard work seemed to be very successful.

However, he knew that the enemy was also accumulating strength.

Most importantly, ten years had passed, but the great wizard Snake God still hadn't appeared. His threat to the middle-earth was getting weaker and weaker.

If he wanted to set things up step by step, it was probably too late.

From the intelligence reports of the past two years, something very bad had already happened.

"Since His Majesty has already made up his mind, I shall give up this old and rotten body and have a good fight with those guys."

Yuan Sen looked at the king and finally nodded his head vigorously.

How could he not know about this situation? It was just that... The risk was too great.

"Good, as expected of the minister that I value the most. Let us fight for this Faroe Kingdom once more!"

The king laughed out loud.

He knew what kind of person Yuansen was. Since they were the same, he would definitely do his best to assist him.


Lei Luo did not know that an unforeseen event was about to engulf the entire Faroe Kingdom.

Even if he knew, he would not care.

As long as it did not affect his quiet training in the library, it would be fine.

Every day, he would sign in, clean, read, and train in a very regular manner.

Without desire, there would be no need. Lei Luo felt that there was nothing wrong with being an ordinary student

In the morning.

Lei Luo finished signing in and received a bottle of medicine.

The weather today was not bad. The sunlight was bright and warm.

Lei Luo picked up the broom and started sweeping outside the library.

When he swept the fallen leaves, it seemed very casual, but it also contained the circulation of magic power and elements. Very quickly, he cleaned up the area, and it was very clean.

"Senior lei luo!"

Suddenly, a graceful white figure walked over lightly.

It was Princess Wei.

Although she was only fourteen years old, her figure had already begun to develop. She would definitely be a great beauty in the future.

"Your Highness, why are you the only one here today?"

Lei Luo laughed.

Usually, the brother and sister came together.

This was the first time Princess Wei came alone.

"I wanted to call my brother over, but father suddenly called him over. He said he wanted him to study government affairs."

VI said.

"Senior, I had a problem when I was practicing magic. When I cast the fireball spell, I felt a little dizzy..."

VI began to ask about magic.

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Reylo's magic was very powerful. Both VI and Ling knew about it.

But raylow had told them not to tell anyone.

And they had done it.

Whenever they had any questions about magic, they would come and ask.

"Practice it for me."

Raylow said.

VI quickly took out her staff and began to chant.

Raylow used his mind to read it and instantly understood the problem, so he started to point it out.

"It turns out that there is a slight deviation in the flow of magic power. Senior is really amazing. He solved my problem in an instant."

After the problem was solved, Willow's face turned red with excitement. Her eyes were full of admiration.

"You, don't be too anxious when practicing magic. Your magic power is still relatively low. If it is too high and there is a problem with the flow of magic power, it will be terrible."

Lei Luo warned.

Wei nodded her head obediently.


In the blink of an eye, more than a month had passed. Ever since that time when Wei came, she had never come again.

This inevitably made him feel a little strange.

Moreover, recently, he vaguely sensed that the atmosphere in the academy was a little strange. The students, teachers, and elders were all in a hurry, as if something big was going to happen.

For the first time, Lei Luo had become curious about the situation outside.

Through listening to the students'conversation, Lei Luo finally knew what had happened.

Half a month ago, the king had used the old Queen's birthday to allow five lords with armies to return to the capital.

These five lords had refused to return for various reasons. They had only sent their subordinates to celebrate the birthday. The King was furious and used the five lords'disloyalty as an excuse to directly order them to lose their territories and titles.


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