26 The Arrival of the Pseudo-Ultimate Mage

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Hearing this, the representative of Fog Temple was a little unhappy, but he had to admit that it was indeed the Fog Temple's mistake this time.

After all, the king had not been poisoned to death and was still alive and well.

Otherwise, they would have marched through the imperial city long ago.

"It won't be long before the pseudo-ultimate mages from the five transcending powers arrive. The imperial city will be broken through with a wave of a hand," the Sun Sage added.

Based on the current situation, it would be very difficult to rely on the mage army to break through the capital.

Although the mage army from the five transcending powers had the advantage, the Faroe Kingdom still had the amplification of the formation.

"If the five of you can dispatch pseudo-ultimate mages, that would be the best, the Lord, who was as fat as a pig, said excitedly.

Lord Zhang, however, frowned slightly.

The five transcending powers wanted to send out pseudo-ultimate mages? This was their strongest trump card.

The five transcending powers now were different from the past. Previously, each clan had several pseudo-ultimate mages, but now, they only had one or two at most.

They actually dared to take the risk of not killing wizard Snake God. It was evident that they were very confident in conquering the imperial city.

However, this was also good. In order to obtain the throne, sacrificing some benefits was nothing.

He was confident that with his own methods, he would be able to slowly suppress the five transcending powers in the future. What he lacked now was the opportunity to become king.


The bloody battle lasted for more than an hour before the rebel army gave the order to withdraw their troops.

Countless rebel soldiers retreated like a tide, leaving behind piles of corpses on the city walls.

It was too tragic.

On the other side of the main city wall, although there were not that many corpses, it seemed even more tragic.

There were deep marks left by magic everywhere. The entire city wall was destroyed beyond repair, and some of the nearby houses had become ruins.

This was the result of the collision with the elemental mage army.

"Your Majesty, after an inventory, our mage army has lost thirty percent. Everyone is injured, and almost half of them have lost their fighting strength."

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A noble ninth-level elemental mage was reporting to the king.

"Is the loss so great?" The king's expression was very grave.

Although he knew that the loss would be great, he did not expect it to be so great.

In other words, only one-third of the entire elemental mage army could continue to fight. Just thinking about it made his heart bleed. But there was nothing he could do.

Fortunately, the mage army was extremely loyal to the king, and he did not have to worry about running away from battle.

But his heart still ached.

Because this was the foundation of the Faroe Kingdom, it was his family's wealth.

Next, he gathered the ministers and generals to deal with the more intense battle that would follow.

In the next few weeks, the king's city would face an even more frenzied attack from the rebel army.

If they wanted reinforcements, it would take at least a few weeks to prepare.

Although there were still a large number of troops loyal to the Faroe Kingdom, because the five transcending powers had sent many mage armies to intercept them, the troops did not return effectively and quickly enough to support the capital.

Moreover, the troops at the borders could not be mobilized because they had to protect the borders of the Faroe Kingdom.

Once they withdrew, it would be no different from exposing the people at the borders to tigers and leopards. At that time, there was no need to imagine what would happen to them.

In the king's heart, even if he were to be destroyed, he could not allow any outsiders to invade the Faroe Kingdom.


That night, Lei Luo was in the vampire coffin practicing the spirit-mending codex.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

He sensed five extremely powerful presences appearing in the rebel army's camp far away from the capital.

These five presences were much stronger than ninth-level elemental mages.

Although these five presences were particularly concealed, they could not hide from Lei Luo's senses.

With his ability as a fourth-level ultimate mage, he condensed his thoughts into one. He could even sense the situation in the rebel army's camp ten kilometers away.

This is... a pseudo-ultimate mage?

Lei Luo was surprised.

He was only one step away from becoming an ultimate mage.

Pseudo-ultimate mages were the most terrifying existences below ultimate mages.

He did not expect the five transcending powers to send pseudo-ultimate mages.

"Well, since your pseudo-ultimate mages are here, I can only persuade them."

Lei Luo was not now interested in continuing to absorb mana and climbed out of the vampire's coffin.

Of course, it was to persuade the pseudo-ultimate mages of the five transcending powers to stop.

They're already affecting my signing and training.

Perhaps there was no way to convince them, but lei Luo felt that he was strong enough, and it should be enough to convince them.


Late at night, the palace was brightly lit.

The king was making careful plans.

"I'Be just received news from a spy that the pseudo-ultimate mages of the five transcending forces have entered the rebel camp," the king said in a low voice.

Everyone present was flabbergasted.

They knew the threat of the pseudo-ultimate mages. Five pseudo-ultimate mages were much more powerful than fifty ninth-level elemental mages.

Although the pseudo-ultimate mages could not be considered as true ultimate mages, they had already touched the barrier of ultimate mages. They were much more powerful than ordinary elemental mages.

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