19 Lei Luo Made His Move

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The healing mage shook his head. "But we can only stall for some more time. The fog temple's poison is too strong. Unless an ultimate mage consumes a large amount of magic power, only then can the poison stop spreading."

"Fog temple..."

Queen Lina's expression was gloomy. She gritted her teeth, growing more and more hateful towards the fog temple.

At that moment, an angry shout rang out, "Who?"

"How dare you! This is the palace, who dares to barge in?"

"Quick, stop him..."

Many mage fighters surrounding the palace discovered an intruder one after another.

The intruder's figure was blurry as if it had been twisted. Only a blurry figure could be seen.

However, the palace was now so heavily guarded that even a mosquito could not fly in.

Someone had forcefully barged into the palace and was still hiding. It was obvious that it was an enemy.

Immediately, powerful spells were released and shot towards the blurry figure.

Countless warriors grew wings on their backs with the help of spellcasters' spells. Relying on the invincible silver armor on their bodies, they wielded huge swords and charged towards the blurry figure in the air.

However, Lei Lou felt strange as he floated in. Before the magic attacks even got close, they had already turned into ashes and dissipated. There was not even the slightest ripple.

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Meanwhile, the heavy strikes of those warriors were all phantoms. Lei Lou had long since left his original spot.

Very soon, he entered the palace. There were more than ten high-level elemental mages here. They had gathered the strongest power in the palace.

There were even ninth-level elemental mages.

When they saw Lei Lou barging in, their expressions changed drastically. The defense outside was so tight, yet he actually barged in. It could be assumed that the intruder was a powerful mage.

Immediately, a ninth-level elemental old mage's figure moved and floated up. The terrifying magic power was like an ocean that wanted to drown Lei Lou.

But Lei Lou only waved his hand, and that old mage seemed to be imprisoned. He was actually unable to move. All of the magic power dissipated as if it did not exist at all.

Not only that, the other advanced elemental mages felt that their surroundings had become extremely sticky, and it was very difficult for them to move. Immediately, fear and jealousy appeared on their faces.

They were all advanced elemental mages, but they were actually unable to move with a single wave of the hand from this mysterious intruder. Wasn't this too terrifying.

Lei Lou passed through the layers of defenses and came to the king's side.

An old mage was expending mana to extend the king's life. Even when he saw Lei Lou come over, he only watched and did not let go.

Lei Lou waved the old mage away. Under everyone's angry and despairing gazes, he reached out and gently placed his hand on the king's head.

A ball of light purple magic power enveloped the king like a cloud of smoke.

In an instant, the situation in the king's body was completely revealed to Lei Lou.

"What a powerful poison."

He was extremely shocked.

This kind of poison mainly destroyed all the divine level experts. A poisoned person would firstly become a vegetable, and then they would fall into a coma.

Over time, even if they could be saved, their bodies would suffer irreversible damage.

The only way was to expend a large amount of magic power to trap the poison and slowly bring it out of the body. This action was enough to deplete the magic power of an ultimate mage.

However, this was nothing to Lei Lou. It would not be difficult for him to get rid of the poison in the king's body.

The main problem was that the king's nerves were damaged. Even if he could be saved, there would be corresponding problems in his body.

Moreover, this poison had not only targeted his nerves, it had also caused great damage to his internal organs.

Soon, the huge amount of magic power in Lei Lou's body circulated in the king's body. It was like a silk thread that slowly wrapped up all the poison and expelled it onto his fingers.

Then, with a thought, Lei Lou used magic power to pierce through the king's ten fingers.

Immediately, drops of black blood flowed out from his fingers.

When everyone present saw this scene, they were all stunned. This mysterious mage was actually here to save the king.

Wait... someone suddenly thought of something.

"Is, is it the old, old ancestor?"

The old mage with a hunched body muttered to himself with tears in his eyes.

In their minds, only the old ancestor had such powerful strength.

They did not know why the old ancestor had to conceal his image, perhaps it was because he had no other choice.

At this moment, all the old mages were excited.

With the old ancestor's help, His Majesty would be saved.

The scene fell silent.

Including Queen Lina.

Although she had doubts about this mysterious existence, she could see that it was to save His Majesty.

Time passed by slowly.

The black blood that dripped from the king's ten fingers became less and less. In the end, it turned from black to red, completely turning into fresh blood.

At the same time, the greenish-black color on the king's face also faded away, returning to its original color, but it was a little pale.

The king's breathing became strong.

All these signs showed that the king was recovering at an astonishing speed.

The many senior mages were filled with endless admiration for that blurry and mysterious figure. As expected of the old ancestor, he was indeed powerful. He could even easily neutralize the poison in the misty shrine.

Could it be that the old ancestor had already broken through to become an ultimate wizard?

At the thought of this, they became even more excited.

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