13 Breaking Through to Become an Ultimate Wizard, the Child of the King

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He did not know how much of a phenomenon and destructive power he would create when he broke through to become an ultimate wizard.

Therefore, he had to prepare his defenses in advance.

He had originally wanted to enter the bamboo forest to break through. However, he did not want to disturb the rest of the great wizard Snake God, so he had given up on that idea.

The breakthrough had officially begun.

Lei Lou took out the ultimate potion from the system space and drank the entire bottle. Then, he immediately entered a meditative state.

In an instant, the magic power in his body completely boiled. It was as if he had completely lost control.

At this moment, Lei Lou realized the danger of breaking through to become an ultimate wizard.

Because his body seemed to have become a whole, all the magic power in his body went berserk. It could not leak out. If it leaked out, it meant that he had failed the breakthrough.

Fortunately, during these years, Lei Lou had already improved his talent to an extremely terrifying level.

It was impossible for his body to leak any more magic power.

From an elemental mage to an ultimate mage, it was necessary to condense and refine all of the magic power in one's body. It was compressed and compressed again, finally forming a pure liquid-like magic power. This kind of magic power could trigger the purer elemental power, then one could draw on the Heavenly Thunder with just a raise of one's hand.

The entire process was impossible to stop.

Once it started, it could not be stopped.

Once it stopped, it meant failure.

Once it failed, it meant death.

Therefore, to become an ultimate mage, other than success, there was only death. There was no third choice.

Perhaps it was because he had drank the ultimate potion, or perhaps it was because of his incredible talent, that although the mana in his body went out of control and went berserk, it did not cause too much damage.

Even if his internal organs were damaged, he would recover immediately.

This was one of the effects of the ultimate potion. It could even protect the organs in the body.

After an unknown amount of time, the magic power in his body seemed to be constant. It spun once and then returned to its original point and repeated again. It surged in the blood vessels and meridians, and the pressure of the magic power in his lower abdomen grew stronger and stronger.

Suddenly, at the core of the vortex, a drop of liquid magic power gradually formed.

It was like a butterfly effect.

The second drop, the third drop, and the fourth drop of liquid magic power formed one after another.

Finally, nine drops of liquid magic power appeared in Lei Lou's lower abdomen.

Each drop of liquid magic power was as heavy as water.

It emitted an unimaginable and terrifying power.

It was much stronger than ordinary magic power.

As a ninth-level elemental mage, he had a tremendous amount of magic power, but in the end, he only condensed nine drops of liquid magic power. From this, one could tell how high the quality of the liquid magic power was.

Although there were only nine drops of magic power, Lei Lou could feel that his strength had significantly increased.

Suddenly, with a thought, he surged out and actually formed a strange seductive domain within dozens of meters around him.

Even the dust that could not be seen by the naked eye could be seen clearly.

It was the product of the condensation of magic power into liquid and the control of the powerful spiritual power.

Pure perception could only control magic power, but it could not control the even more powerful liquid magic power. Only spiritual power could could do it.

Following that, the liquid magic power in his body rotated twice and released a powerful force that rushed out of his body and surrounded him.

Although he did not move, his body slowly floated up from the bed.

This was another special feature of an ultimate mage, telekinesis flight.

It was much more powerful than the previous magic flight, and its speed was thousands of times faster.

After a while, he landed on the bed again. He opened his eyes and shook his head because telekinesis flight had consumed too much magic power.

In just a moment, his mana had shrunk by one circle.

An ultimate mage is indeed much stronger than an ordinary elemental mage.

Lei Lou felt the terrifying power in his body and smiled.

At this moment, he finally had the power to protect himself.

Of course, he would not be proud because he firmly believed that there was still a sky outside the sky, and there was still someone behind a person.

This world was not so simple.

Although he had not seen any other ultimate mages for the time being, who knew if there were any hiding in the shadows, in some powerful kingdoms, or hidden religions. Perhaps in their forces there were as many elemental mages as dogs, and ultimate mages could be seen everywhere?

Therefore, he still could not be too high-profile.

He had to continue to develop in a wretched manner.

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At the very least, he had to reach the level of a peak mage.

Anyway, he felt that it was good to cultivate in the library. So what if he didn't go out?

Cultivating magic was the greatest joy of life.


The next day, the king once again came to the library. He had not visited for six months.

This time, he also brought a pair of five-or six-year-old children. With one look, one could tell that they were dragon and phoenix twins.

The current king's aura was much stronger than before. With just a raise of his hand, it was an imposing aura that people could not defy.

However, it did not affect Lei Lou.

It was because of this and because of his profession that the king admired the calm and collected Lei Lou even more.

"Lei Luo, these are the two children that I love the most. You are most knowledgeable. Why don't you teach them in the future?"

The king laughed.

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