Sign In: Becoming A Great Spell Deity Starting From The Magic Academy
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Sign In: Becoming A Great Spell Deity Starting From The Magic Academy


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What is Sign In: Becoming A Great Spell Deity Starting From The Magic Academy

Sign In: Becoming A Great Spell Deity Starting From The Magic Academy is a popular web novel written by the author Dr.Boom, covering Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.3M readers with an average rating of 3.49/5 and 118 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 85 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Crossing over to a fantasy world of magic and battle auras, Lei Luo accidentally crossed over to the Xiluo Magic Academy and became a librarian. At the same time, he obtained a Sign-in System. He would receive various rewards if he signed in at different locations. Signed in at the library and obtained [Top-grade Meditation Technique] from the treasure chest! Signed in on the Magic Guide Book and obtained [Magic Increase] from the treasure chest! Signed in on the Magic Stone Tablet and obtained [Forbidden Magic] from the treasure chest! ... Lei Luo unintentionally activated something that would completely turn his life around He started signing in from the Magic Academy and slowly advanced from a Magic Apprentice to become the most powerful person in the Magic Academy. He led the Magic Knights that shocked the world to eliminate noble factions and fight against the invasion of the demon tribe. Changing the world began with him. From a desolate small town to the lord of the world, he reignited the glory of an empire that had been down and out for a century."

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Sign in system got popular these days, TRY READING SIGN IN BUDDHA PALM WHO MAKE IT POPULAR 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏


this is a very good book.... the only problem i have with is that either the author or the translating team keeps changing the characters different names. like seriously the main character's name has changed like 4 times already and they are the same person and not a multiple MC book


It seems that webnovel specially picks Sign-in plots. However, this seems good to me. STRONG MC FROM THE START is one of my styles. [img=update][img=update]


It’s just kinda not good. I mean what else do you expect from a copy cat. Honestly, the so called magic is just cultivation with different names here. Even using phrases like uplifting mountains and overturning seas typically used in Eastern novels. Also the translation... Considering the trial reads took almost an extra week to come out, someone didn’t do their job. The translations suck this week.


Extremly bad novel Writing- It's just bad and has a dire need for editing. The Mc's name changes 10 times in a single chapter Story- Well...there is none. Mc spends 3 decades in a library and does nothing. Characters- All bland and boring. No descriptions or anything. The characters are just faceless humans World- So far nothing. Just that the Mc lives in a Kingdom and that there are more. All in all, a extremly bad and boring novel. Don't use your coins or FP's for this novel. It's really not worth it


usually, I don't write a review for a novel unless I read it to more than a hundred chapters at least and reading the raws. But I must tell you that this time it's completely different. this is the worst novel in the history o Webnovel that has been translated. I must tell you that this is 100% MTL translated and it has been barely edited. the language and comprehension of this novel are truly difficult because it's been written by an underage kid. the Author doesn't even know the most basic form of writing a novel and just copy the other ones, but because the ones that he copied are martial novels that caused this novel to become shit. he doesn't know about magic and mage and written a magic novel. there are countless number o problems in just so many chapters. what is the meaning of even choosing this novel to translate? I Think Webnovel must delete even the original novel on the Chinese site. existence of this novel is the greatest insult to all of the readers.


Hey, What the hell Is he really a Mc A 36 Year Old Guy having a *** with 16 Year Old Girl Hey do you have any common sense, Mc is normal, if he is abnormal or a villain type it would be okay But you made him like a righteous guy, what are you trying to prove here Use some common knowledge Man You tell me you are 23 Years Old and if anyone tell you to have *** with 3 Years Old The person who told you would be a retard and the person who did it is a Worse than Retard he should have Mental Illness Shit Man you removed the complete taste from the story Fuck, Damn you go and Fuck yourself piece of shit.


this got picked? i gotta say that webnovel outdid itself with bullsh*t. just cause they managed to slip shitty edited MTL into this site and then make people pay for it. ffs you can get MTL free if you google translate...


This rubbish was chosen, seriously? Buddha's palm, there is nothing from magic at all. If you change some words, this is the same xianxia. I would like it to be selected, something else is anything, but not this shit about "magic"


MTL link? anyone... ... ...


what the hell is up with the translator.. what is the MC's name? Lei Luo?? Lelo?? Reylo?? Keeps shifting between these.. as if it has been copy pasted from multiple sources


Cool novel, seems interesting.5-stars👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.....................................................................................


I initially liked the concept of the story but as i read further the lack of editing and obvious mistakes and trash grammer completely ruined this story. webnovel if you're reading this you need to step up your game on deciding what novels to be allowed to even show up in the trial reads. this novel is just a mistake. fix it or get rid of the paywall because i am not paying for this trash.


hi, great book, as far i read many books about sign-in. the mistakes in names is confusing sometimes. the story is best, similar to "the book eating magician" with a twist of opness. thanks , i hope to read the book entirely!


This novel is unlikely to get picked up, but its actually quite good. Im a sucker for magic novels. Can anyone help me find the raws, as i cant seem to find them. I want to keep reading this though, wish webnovel didnt suck so much. This trial system is getting worse and worse with all their "improvements"


These translations are getting worse and worse. Success Rates and this are definetly just edited MTL (Success Rates maybe not even edited). Also i pretty much didnt get to know anything about the MC and the World. And if Mages get movement techniques wtf are Fighters/Qi cultivators (forgot the term) useful for?? He got above stage 9 in a few chapters but Fighters only go up to 9... again wtf are Fighters even here for??


What's the raw name of this novel I can't find the novel with the name that webnovel give us. gsjsvdibdudnsudbsubduchwidhdusdudhwishdushdudhdudhdhdjsushdudjsidhjwhdifndisjwysjoshwisiisheudnudneudj


why isn't a valid link listed? and is not the original name indicated? is it some kind of joke I'm too dumb for??????????????????????????????????????


This novel was an enjoyable read for me, despite the inconsistent names, intermittent editing and the fact that it was posted without being finished with a first edit. By first edit, I mean they didn't even manage to finish adding paragraph spacings for all 40 chapters. The last few chapters are difficult to read due to being walls of text with no breaks.


is it serious that out of 10 novels what has a translation that is clearly mtl was chosen? Does webnovel really think that I will pay to read mtl?


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