Side-character's unfortunate Sister
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Side-character's unfortunate Sister


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What is Side-character's unfortunate Sister

Read Side-character's unfortunate Sister novel written by the author angelBunny on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, reincarnation, comedy, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


My name is Alina-Eun I am 28 years old working in S.W Entertainment the most prestigious company in Korea (not to brag but I got in it when I was just 20) * . I lost my family when I was really young my mother died in childbirth and brother and father died in a car accident when I was 4 in short I was a orphan Anyway the only enjoyable thing in my life was my favourite Web novel (the only one I read in 8 years of my tiring life) "The lady's haram" The story was really slow like really slow I mean we don't want to know every single day in Olivia's life (the fl's life) but there were many things I loved that didn't made me drop this for e.g, It was long enough to be read in half an hour, each chapter was written in grave detail and I felt really attached to it overall a great story By coincidence the day they published the last episode. Just like the novel my life also ended I didn't died by "the legendary truck"like in most of recantation stories I died because I was piss drunk and fell from the terrace When I came to my senses I had become a baby I thought that maybe I might be the Villain or just an extra but I was a mistake no literally I was a mistake the background mistake nobody pays attention too and because of that I am gonna die hell I don't even know how In some parts I had died in child birth in some The villainess brutuly killed me and in some I even became some extras childhood trauma when I thought for a long time I realised This extra dies so many times and in so many ridiculous ways truly I am really unfortunate and what's up with all these people clinging onto me just live my life as an side-character's Sister nothing else


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