16 Clan Alliance Shun comes to power and fake alliance no more

Senju Clan

"The Uzumaki Clan is coming"

Said Hashirama with a nervous look in his eyes, he want make an alliance with the Uzumaki Clan to destroy the Uchiha Clan.

Most of all, he really wants to destroy and kill Shun, but after realizing someone had surpassed him, Hashirama needs help.

So the first thing to come to mind was one of the most powerful clan in the world, the Uzumaki Clan.

He also wants to meet the heir of the Uzumaki Clan, her name is Mito Uzumaki, she and Hashirama meet before.

When they were kids, they always used to play with each other, causing them to develop feelings for each other.

The Clan head of the Senju Clan at the time was Butsuma Senju, he always had to split us up because of that.

"Get everything prepared"

Said Hashirama with eagerness, he wants to impress Mito and show her how much he has change all those years ago.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Uchiha Territory

"Wind Style: Spiraling Shuriken Rasengan!!"

A huge blue orb the size of a portion of the Susanoo was in Shun's palm causing the Madara's Susanoo to shudder.


That's right is the Spiraling Shuriken Rasengan that Naruto created, Shun implemented this Ninjutsu from the cannon.

The huge Rasengan hit the Susanoo causing numerous cracks to appear on Madara's Susanoo making him shock.


"Im-impossible, this Ninjutsu"

Said Madara with clear horror in his voice, he always thought that only Hashirama's Wood Style is capable of destroying his shield.

"Time to finish this"



Said Madara with determination in his eyes of not losing his position as Clan Leader of the Uchiha Clan.


Madara clenches his fist causing the Susanoo's sword to slash down at Shun's Spiraling Shuriken Rasengan.


A huge cloud of dust appeared on the battlefield blocking both Shun's and Madara's vision, but with their Sharingan activated.

Their vision wasn't block only to the people who doesn't have the Sharingan.


A cold Lightning sound occurred causing Madara's eyes to widen he had heard of that sound before which made him shudder.

A crimson light appeared in the dark sword in his hand, Shun look like a demonic king with his sword in his hands.

"I'll show you apart of my power"


[One Click System]

["Host has just used Ichigo's attack, the Cero."]

["Does host wants to One Click Max Cero?"]



["Host has just mastered Cero."]

After maxing out the dangerous ability Cero, Shun realized that his connection with the Hollow were a lot deeper.



A huge ball of red compressed energy appeared on Zangetsu causing Madara to shudder with horror as Shun launches this attack.

This attack even surpasses the Spiraling Shuriken Rasengan by a long mile causing Madara to feel even more afraid.

"Wh-what is this?"

Madara said but it was too late, the Cero arrived at extremely fast speeds causing his left hidden eye to widen.


A huge explosion came completely wiping out the entire Susanoo with ease, even Madara was affected.

His battle armor is torn, his hair is disheveled his recently motivated and determine eyes are now blank and lifeless.

"I lost"

Said Madara, his Susanoo couldn't shield him from the attack, almost half of Madara's arm was broken in a disgusting way.

"You lost, I won"

Said Shun with a look that says 'I went easy on you' Shun knew Madara would lose this fight, but seeing Madara on his back.

Showed a sense of satisfaction on Shun's face causing him to feel proud and gloat about himself completely forgetting about something.

That something is the shock of the spectators who were around the Training Grounds watching two legendary figures fight each other for supremacy.

"Madara, bend the knee"

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Meeting place

A group of people with red hair and violent blue eyes are walking behind an old man, this old man is no normal elder.

This old man's power nearly rivals Madara and Hashirama his name is Ashina Uzumaki, the greatest master in Fuinjutsu.

His Fuinjutsu far surpassed his peers making him the Clan Leader and also his daughter, Mito Uzumaki is also a great seal master.

"We're Lord Ashina"

Said an Uzumaki elder, he is the most loyal follower of Ashina, he has been serving Ashina for nearly 50 years.

Which made him the grand advisor of the Uzumaki Clan because he has been with Ashina ever since young.

"Hashirama must be inside, let's go"

With that Ashina led his Clansmen inside the large house towards the darkness.

10 minutes later…

"It's been a long time, Hashirama"

Said Ashina with a grandfatherly smile on his face, he really mean what he says, he has heard of Hashirama's rise.

"Hello, Master Ashina"

Said Hashirama he was a bit nervous he senses the aura coming off of Ashina's figure even though he is old, he still packs a punch.

"You've grown strong, Hashirama, but can you take me on now?"

Said Ashina while laughing he has really missed the little Hashirama who would always get depressed easily.

"H-hi Hashirama- Kun"

A young voice came startling Hashirama, he hasn't heard that beautiful voice in a very long time, causing him to be stunned.

He turned his head around and his eyes laid on a young, graceful figure with a red ponytail and black diamond mark on her forehead.

Her attire consists of a white robe and the classical Uzumaki Clan symbol on her shoulder side, it is sowed on.

"H-hi Mito"

Said Hashirama a bit timidly with a blush on his face."

(This little love story won't last for long, remember Shin has countless plans to destroy the Senju.)


Shun meets Ashina and Mito he arrives in front of them and smiled, Ashina and Mito had welcoming smile on their faces.

"Everything been set?"

Said Shun…

"Yes, Lord Shun said Mito with worship in her eyes she is obsessed with Shun and his dazzling looks making her hypnotic.

"Good, Kotoamatsukami is really a powerful ability."

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