30 Attacking the Hidden Sand

Deserted Desert.

The Golden Sun is shining upon the endless sand, Golden substances are shining on the Sand making the Sand look beautiful.

A battle is about to happen, that will the very foundation of the Hidden Sand for generations to come, a large group of Shinobi are running across the Sand with powerful momentum.

Shun is running ahead of his squad with fully-matured Three Tomoe Sharingan activated, his eyes are filled battle intent, he hasn't felt this excited since battling both Hashirama and Madara.

"Meanwhile, at the other side of the desert, a sensor with a brown-colored Jonin Uniform on has sensed a monstrous Chakra heading towards their direction, he immediately went to inform their commander.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Main Camp.

"Commander!!" "I sense a monstrous Chakra heading towards our Camp, we only have a couple of minutes to be prepared."

"What!!" "Immediately, rally up our troops, we will lay out a trap for them, when they arrive, I will tell you the plan."

"Now that their weapon, Pakura is gone, it will be easy to complete wipe out this squad, or they will be troublesome, and we don't want any loose ends in this battle."


Shun and his team arrived, but they don't see any of the Sand Shinobi in the area, they began to get suspicious and immediately started to look around the Camp for clues.

"Commander!!" "They aren't here what shall we do?"


A huge explosion ignited, killing all of the remaining Konoha Jonin with a fearsome blow, Shun senses a dozen or so life forces inside the explosion.


A large group of Sand Shinobi immediately appeared in front of Shun and said in a haughty tone.

"You better give up Uchiha, or you and the rest of your squad will die."

The Sand Shinobi with arrogant smiles on their faces immediately laughed as they thought, Shun would comply to their wishes.

But instead they get this…



Shun laughs, the unexpected laugh unnerved the Sand Shinobi to no end, as they looked at Shun with a fearing gaze.

"Come!!" "I will show you the true power of what an UCHIHA can do!!"

Shun roared with his voice powered by Chakra, he looks the Sand Shinobi in the eyes with a crazed, psychotic look in his eyes with a meaning of War.


"Since you want to die so badly, we will comply your wish!"


A small group of Sand Shinobi immediately made a fast set of hand signs.

*Wind Release: Pressure Damage!!*


A large tornado-like mass appeared in front of Shun, it compresses, and it immediately became dense and released at it's highest limit.

Shun immediately begin to make hand signs.

Snake> Rat> Snake> Tiger

*Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning!!*


A stream of infused gun-powder surrounds the area, it rapidly spreads around the area, the smoke covers the entire battlefield for 300 meters.

"What!" "I can't see, what Ninjutsu did he use to cover an area of this magnitude?"

They didn't get enough time to think, Shun jumps inside the ash with Zangetsu.



"Please don't kill me!"

"What is going on?"

Screams of horror were heard inside the Ash, Shun continued swinging, killing Sand Shinobi left and right with Zangetsu, leaving a large trail of blood.

As soon as the Ash rose into the atmosphere, dozens of dead bodies were were left on the Sand with one, tall figure standing in the middle of them.



Dark, red blood was leaking at the tip of Shun's sword, but it didn't bother him, Shun looked around until he saw the Jonin Commander of this tent.




The Jonin Commander's arms are sliced off, blood is rapidly leaving his body, and spreading over the Sand, his eyes are turning hollow, and his face is losing it's color.

"It seems like you are on your last leg, Commander, but you should have expected this result, your no match for an Uchiha, especially an Uchiha of my caliber."

The Jonin Commander with difficulty said.

"Konoha will never win this War, you think, you can just walk away with what you have done to my squad, Lady Chiyo, Elder Ebizo, and the 4th Kazekage will hunt you down til your last days on Earth."

The Jonin Commander with pride in his voice, looked up at Shun's eyes, he coughed up some more blood.


"Dead or Weak People shouldn't have the audacity nor respect to say such things to me, your weak and the entire Sand Village is weak and pathetic, the 3 people you just mentioned will all die by my sword, just like you."



The headless corpse flies in the air with a red trace of blood, it lands in the deep Sand with a shocked and angry look on it's face.

"Dead people doesn't have the luxury to talk to me."

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