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Shovel of The Apocalypse


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Did you ever wonder what would happen if a shovel would determine whether you live or die? No? Well me neither. Note the reason why I began to write this story. Introducing Greg Wilton... a man who meets face to face with the apocalypse and all he needs in life is his shovel. What happens next? Well, I have no glue. Hint: I'm writing a story about a shovel. What do you think it will be about? Zombies? No... it's a shovel. In the Apocalypse so yeah... there might be zombies... and radiation... maybe even fairies and pet mice. Who knows? Honestly I ended up having to plan things out instead of trying to randomly post things. But truth be told… I don’t even know why I chose to categorize this as Horror… It’s supposed to be more on the humor side in his adventures but I’ll take what I can take. Also, the main female lead is his Nephew. Just so you know. Gotta add something to keep him motivated you know?


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