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Do you like VRMMORPG? Why is there a new VRMMORPG which claims to have 100% emersion? Have you ever thought what will our future be like? Have you ever thought we are alone in space? Do you think aliens exist? Who were the gods? How did they do wondrous things instantaneously? Can I become a god? If so, how? Why is there a person who claims that anyone can become a god? Chang Qi will ask all these questions to himself and this chronicles will answer his questions. Everything that was supposed to be normal will change when Chang Qi will lead humanity into a new era where people can choose their own way. The new VRMMORPG, Shou Online will change everything from the ruling governments to the thinking of an individual person. People will start to truly cultivate to become gods. Will they become gods? They will. But how many and how are the main questions. Through this VRMMORPG, Chang Qi will unravel his past and decide his future along with Earth. Follow him on his adventures and see what’s true and what’s false.

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Hello Readers. First of all, I am thankful to all the readers for their thoughts, love and time. You all might have noticed that my chapters are not well written and have grammatical errors of all sorts. Maybe you will find some errors here too. I would love to find out my mistakes and improve them and so I am looking forward to readers to point them out to me. My main goal is to let people read my story so that they could have some fun in their busy lives. I had my website before but its well-hidden so almost no one knew about it. If you wanna see how I did the Quest boxes, check it out on chargaoshou.com. From now on I would be releasing chapters here only on webnovel. I would be releasing 4 chapters a week at the least. Some readers might know that there are some similarities with Shuras Wrath. I was basically drawn into VRMMOS through Shuras Wrath so I decided to do some tribute to it.Moreover, I am an ******* writer as of now, so I need to do some research for content as I like to add mythology in my story. Lastly, I was also influenced by Chinese Cultivation System. I would do my best to come up with a system similar to most of the Cultivation novels. Please do criticise my work because one cannot become a writer if everything he gets is good comments. I hope you all will like my work and support me until the end.


An original would mean one thing, Qidian is finally starting to accept works from authors that is not in the industry and could very well write due to their hobby or for other reasons. This really opens up many possibilities for the new upcoming authors to shine and many originals that I have read in other websites mainly *cough GT& WW cough* are quite well done. I assume that the reason why a new author would chose to start writing is because they had a great idea and plotline that they want to share to fellow readers and usually not just writing for money as their first novels would aim for popularity and building up a fanbase instead. While a VRMMO typed novel is done in multiple instances, I will read this because of it being approved by Qidian which shows that the novel is really good and a new author is someone that I always welcome as they contribute the most to bringing new innovation and fun. Rate it first as 3 stars since this is more of a first impressions~


Showing my support to original work as it will open a new era of web novel. Now for the review, The game started great as you would feel lucky yourself to have a huge advantage over others. But then the mc gone overfriendly start showing off his legendary gears to people he just met and giving free bus ride where he could pretty much solo everything as he is too op. Earlier trap by player killer party didn't teach him a thing and as an experienced player he fall into the trap like a stupid no.ob. If you into beta overfriendly without reason mc and nerfing himself by attaching dead weight baggage with him you may like this


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From what I have read till now this novel gave me a loveable feeling. Like really the Mc is not cold blooded, there's a subtle feeling that world background is huge and interesting but not complex. The girl I think is female lead is strong-willed the head start received by Mc came with a huge cost not stumbled upon by luck, Mc will not get conned easily. . . Now my future hope for this novel 1.Mc to be more careful with his actions like how he realizes that being with him all the time can give his friends troubles 2.Mc should not go around creating harem truly that really spoils a story. 3. Now that girl which is expected to be female lead must be strong not to be weak damsel in distress but stand shoulder to shoulder 4.Now about future cannon fodders ( I pray them peace) ahem.. Well this one author be careful "one which slaughters too many pigs get incarnated to a pig in next life" ancestors are generally right so be careful With this I hope this novel to succeed, and I will be a faithful supporter of this novel and author from now on 💞💖💞




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Can anyone enlighten this poor me about this stuff, the so called magic realism. I really hope QI will put some description about their tags. So that the wide range readers can search and give more reviews to the story more efficiently, productively, and effectively. Wtfffffffffffff?! Too many words.


Roughly speaking ,the story is a virtual reality one and also the novel seems to be an original (not chinese author) but it seems it follows chinese rules having chinese names etc. Overall didn't give me a big impression.Good luck with the novel mr.author


From what i could understand on the synopsis its a virtual reality base story. Expecting more so we will need more chapters and fast releases to further read and think if we should further continue with this novel. Aliens? This wont have similarities with vrmmorph that affects the real world right? Perhaps a more brushed synopsis.


my fellow daoist! face the truth you want to be the best just post more chapters 1wwrtddtyfgugoodguycupfullYouTubefacefriendgoodfriendfacedotaChinesegoodChinesevideovalorGDPGDPYouTubeyesli just like you are the ones that have to do it again with a new one for you and


Cultivation is always the way. Martial arts. Big breasted wives. Enter my love chambers. Hue hue hue.@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @#################££££


What are the tags besides magical realism? And what's the release schedule? characters140 characters140 characters140 characters140 characters140 characters140 characters140 charact


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i felt like everything was kinda given to the mc of this story didnt really get past chapter 5 because it got so boring reading everything just being given straight forward with no consequence or plot twist nope he just gets super op items for no reason kinda pisses me off


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As a support for the original work I will add this story to my library ...........................................................................,................................................................................


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A very very interesting read, love the God elements it has. I got very hooked so far and I'm only on chapter 10, I hope the translations can keep up the pace.


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