1 The Deliberations of a Web Novelist and Her Poor Editor

ALYNN is a web novelist. Recently, Alynn has encountered a dilemma. The ending of her novel is around the corner and her fans are anticipating. She has been deliberating whether she wants to write a HE or BE. Happy ending equals fans satisfied and good sales. But that also means Alynn herself won't be. Bad ending equals fans being annoying and bombarding her with emails and the like, asking how she could do this and being scolded by the higher-ups. But it means she can finally unleash the darkness in her soul. Alynn ends up writing both outcomes and chooses the BE. She publishes the last chapter and happily shuts down her brain.

EDWIN is Alynn's editor. Poor Edwin is up late at night being scolded by his boss for Alynn's decision to write a bad ending. "This will cause bad sales!" "This will make the fans unsatisfied!" yada yada yada. Poor Edwin spent the rest of the night trying to get through to Alynn, who has happily powered off her laptop, phone, and brain.

ALYNN wakes up to find an exhausted and angry Edwin at her door. She gets told off for exactly 1 hour, 45 minutes and 36 seconds. But, what can be done? Nothing. Alynn gets her way.

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EDWIN is bombarded by fans for a full month. Every time he answers a number that isn't on his contact list, nine times out of ten, it's a heartbroken and upset fan who's sobbing and hiccupping on the other end.

ALYNN is happily starting a new novel, completely unaware of her poor editor's pitiful circumstances.

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