1 Just A Game

The wind whipped the girls hair into her face as she ran. She never meant for this to happen, it was only meant to be a stupid game, not a chance of life and death. The others were already dead, it already got them, they were weak, they were poision, they were dead because of her. She should have never opened the portal to that demon, they never thought it would go this far. The board was only meant to be a game, not the end of their lives. Shala was her, the only one left in the aftermath of the demon that came from that wreched board. There were seven of them in total, seven that just wanted to have a fun night with a scary game with dear close friends, not this. Laney died first, the planchette had flew at her with top speed and cut through her chest, she was terrified to die she always was, she died with a look of pure horror on her face. Neal was the second, the board was sharpened and thrown at him the edge getting caught in his throut, he chocked on his own blood. Annabeth was the baby of the group and she died third, the demon had crawled out from the board and had mangled her body, she was always so sweet she didn't deserve what she got. Avery was the one who had a bit more of a painful death and was the next to die out of her friends, spontaneous human combustion, he just burst out into flames. Zula was the tough one she was killed by Vanela, they were so close but once the 'game' started they changed. The most recent death was Vanele, She was Shala's lover but she was dead now, she was torn limb from limb by that foul beast that crawled out of the board. They all thought it was fake, nothing more than a party game. Shala ran, finally looking back long enough to see why she was running. Annabeth was hot on her tail, her twisted legs dragging behind her, her dirty blond hair mated and caked with blood and dirt. "Shala please it hurts! Its hurting me! Its hurting me! Shala stop him, he's twisting my ribs! AHHHH!" the shell of Annabeth cried. Shala shook her head and screamed "NO! NO YOUR DEAD ANNABETH! GO AWAY STOP HURTING HER!" Annabeths body stopped dragging behind Shalla and her face started to contort from the fear that held her to a smile that would have scared a grown man by simply glancing at it. Shala stopped and turned to the body of her dear friend and whispered "Im so sorry Annabeth but I can't save you, I failed you". Annabeths body sobbed as it grinned widely coming closer and closer to Shala till she was upon her.

"News report that the unknown killer is still on the loose and at large" the tv continued on "if you hear a small girlish voice calling for help saying 'help help hes twisting my ribs' do not let her in and stay inside. Now to Lind-" Nina scoffed as she turned to tv off. "'help help hes twisting my ribs' what kind of saying is that" Nina said stepping out her door to her porch, pulling a cigarette as she did so. She lit it up and smoked away as she heard the sound of dragging against pavement. Nina glanced up at the approaching figure, taking note of the lacking of the sound of footsteps. "Hey, its not smart to be wondering around in the dark while theres a killer on the loose." Nina shouted to the figure who was only getting closer and closer. The next morning the neighbor found Nina on her porch, her cat eating her face that had been torn to threads. The only reason they knew it was her was by her bright blue hair, turned purple in spots because of her blood. Just goes to show that the news aren't always the fool.