1 Chapter 1 Heavenly Secrets Strategy

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River Street.

It was one of the most prosperous business streets in Hangzhou.

This street was filled with all kinds of unique, time-honored shops and shopping malls.

From morning until night, it was always bustling with tourists.

Even at the relatively remote end of the street, tourists would still pass by occasionally.

However, a handsome young man closed his shop early amidst the busy street.

Chen Yu received a phone call a few days ago from his granduncle, who was overseas, telling him that he had left an antique shop for him.

When he happily took over, he found it to be basically a glorified storeroom.

While tidying up, he unexpectedly bumped into a secret compartment on the bookshelf and found an ancient-looking book called the "Heavenly Secrets Strategy".

According to the book, the Heaven Secrets Strategy could gleam through the heavens. As long as you helped others alter their fate, you could cultivate to become an immortal.

Chen Yu initially assumed it was all made-up nonsense. Surprisingly, he did learn to gleam through the secrets of the heavens after flipping through the book out of curiosity!

He couldn't wait to try it out, but he was put in an awkward position. This ability had a limitation in that the person he assisted had to find him on their own.

This stumped Chen Yu, as barely anyone would believe in such hocus-pocus in an era of information.

Moreover, he was a young man in his twenties. Who would come to him for fortune-telling or the like?

After pondering for some time, Chen Yu finally came up with an idea. He would become a psychologist.

Coincidentally, he was a graduate in psychology.

Once someone came to him for help, he could simultaneously examine their mental difficulties and fate.

Hence, Chen Yu tidied up the antique shop and converted it into a consultation room.

Unfortunately, he was too naive. People with such needs usually visit hospitals or famous, large-scale institutions.

Unless a patient were introduced to a one-on-one consultation room like his, no one would pay attention to his services.

This was the cold, hard truth. Even after opening for business for a few days, no passersby stopped to inquire about Chen Yu's shop.

It wasn't until the day before yesterday that Chen Yu noticed a livestream on a platform called "Huyu" in which they were inviting a psychologist to give a psychological health science seminar. He realized his opportunity to promote his consultation services had arrived.

Even if the livestream viewers weren't necessarily from Hangzhou, he could still offer his services online.

Chen Yu decisively contacted the streaming platform. However, he was told that too many people had applied for the position and that he should return to await a notification.

Luckily, when the supervisor who decided on this event saw Chen Yu's photo, they immediately decided on him.

Hence, Chen Yu closed his shop early today and went upstairs to prepare for tonight's livestream.

With a cute female staff member's enthusiastic assistance, Chen Yu quickly adjusted his livestream equipment.

At seven o'clock in the evening, Chen Yu started his livestream on time.


Zhou Kexin was a gaming streamer for Huyu.

Relying on her outstanding figure and humorous livestreams, she attracted many fans' attention.

She had, however, recently been taking it easy for a few days.

Zhou Kexin had originally planned to continue resting on this day and let her best friend take over her livestream. However, when she saw that the group admin announced that a psychologist would be visiting their platform to raise mental health awareness, Zhou Kexin immediately asked Huyu's staff if she could speak with the psychologist.

When the staff noticed Zhou Kexin wanted to interact with the psychologist through a call, he was overjoyed. How could he not agree to such a good opportunity?

Collaborating with a top streamer on their platform would have a better effect than just placing their livestream on the platform's front page.

After all, very few netizens were interested in hearing about mental health awareness.

Once Zhou Kexin received a confirmation from Huyu's staff, she climbed out of bed in discomfort.

She had been resting for many days recently because she was not in a good mental state.

According to her symptoms, a website diagnosed her with depression.

She knew it was common for streamers to develop depression, and she suspected she had developed it unknowingly because she had recently been under a lot of stress.

Zhou Kexin wanted to go to the hospital to have a look, but coincidentally, she was struck by her monthly inconvenience.

She hadn't expected a psychologist to appear on the platform today for a talk, but she figured she could get some help on this.

Hence, Zhou Kexin started a livestream shortly after the mental health awareness stream began.

"Yo, isn't this the missing streamer, Miss Zhou?"

"Why did you suddenly start a livestream?"

"It's sure a rare sight for her to start streaming. I wouldn't be surprised if the owner of this channel changes if she doesn't stream Soom."

"If you're not feeling well, rest more. We don't mind waiting."

"Yeah, An An should make her own channel at this point."

"Come on, guys. Don't you see that she doesn't look too good?"


As soon as Zhou Kexin started her livestream, a large number of fans flooded into her channel.

When they realized it was Miss Zhou and not An An, who had recently been livestreaming in her place, they began to tease her.

Zhou Kexin wasn't angry when she saw these comments, as she knew she was indebted to her best friend.

Not only did she help take her place to livestream, but she also took care of her daily life.

Therefore, she was quite happy that her fans liked watching her best friend stream.

After she recovered, perhaps she could ask An An if she would continue to be her channel partner. That way, she would not have to broadcast as long as she did and would have time to rest.

"Long time no see, you all."

Although she was still a little dizzy, Zhou Kexin smiled at the camera and greeted her fans.

"Since you guys like An An so much, I'll have to stop broadcasting more in the future." Zhou Kexin pretended to be angry and huffed.

When the fans heard this, they instantly changed their tune.

"Wait, no. I like Miss Zhou more."

"Who's An An? I don't know her."

"Alright, I know you all well. An An is in the next room, and she'll come over and help me out later." Zhou Kexin was already used to the fact that her fans might change their favorite streamer at any time.

"I haven't been resting well recently. Coincidentally, a psychologist came to our platform for a mental health awareness talk. Let's go over to take a look."

As Zhou Kexin switched over to another channel, a large number of viewers flooded in too.

When the livestream finally flashed onto their screens,

If it weren't for the stream titled "Mental Health Awareness," Zhou Kexin would have thought she had entered the wrong channel.

She did not expect the doctor who came to their platform for an awareness talk to be so young and handsome.

Calling him a celebrity wouldn't be an exaggeration.

Zhou Kexin instantly felt much better and couldn't wait to video call Chen Yu.

All of Zhou Kexin's fans were surprised by Chen Yu's appearance.

"Whoa, are you sure he's a psychologist?"

"His looks are almost as good as mine."

"It's such a pity that he isn't a celebrity."

Chen Yu, who was about to finish giving his talk on mental health awareness, noticed that a large number of netizens had suddenly flooded his livestream.

He knew that the famous streamer who wanted to talk to him was here, as a staff member had alerted him earlier.

Although his livestream had been recommended on the platform's homepage and visitors had arrived, they quickly left. Only a few of them remained behind to interact with Chen Yu.

As for the viewers who stayed, it was easy to tell from the chat that they were all female.

Soon, a window popped up on his computer, notifying him, "Host Zhou Kexin has requested to video call you."

How could Chen Yu pass up this opportunity that had been delivered to his door?

He clicked "Accept".

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